Good modifier in skin care products Carbomer 941

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Carbomer 941 is a high molecular polymer formed by cross-linking of acrylic acid or acrylate and allyl ether. It is a slightly odorous white loose powder. Carbomer 941 is an important jelly-type thickener after being configured into a gel, with short rheology, high viscosity, high transparency, low ionic resistance, low shear resistance, high yield value, and high efficiency thickening. and suspending properties of the thickener. Carbomer 941 is a good modifier in skin care products.


Desheng Carbomer 941

Carbomer itself is a non-toxic and non-irritating raw material, which is often used in personal care and home care products as an important raw material to change the viscosity of the product and improve the stability, aesthetics and fluidity of the product. Carbomer 941 used in skin care products can improve the texture of skin care products, making them softer and more powdery. Due to the rheological properties of carbomer 941, a small amount of carbomer 941 is used in the raw materials of skin care products, which can make the film-forming properties of skin care products on the skin better and more uniform, and improve the spreadability of other functional products. Improves skin barrier and reduces skin moisture loss. The polymer provides shear thinning properties for good skin spreading. In combination with co-thickeners, the yield can be increased to obtain good stability.

It should be noted that when configuring Carbomer 941 gel, in order to avoid the introduction of excessive air during stirring and generating air bubbles, it can be left for a period of time after stirring to exhaust, or it can be added before adding alkaline neutralizer. A small amount of inorganic salt removes air bubbles.

Carbomer 941 is easily soluble in water, glycerol, ethanol, etc., has strong hygroscopicity, and cannot be directly exposed to the air. Desheng's conventional packaging is 20kg/bag into a 5-layer cardboard box. If the amount used each time is not large, it can be divided before use. The 941 and other types of carbomer raw materials produced by Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. have undergone a series of tests and inspections, and each index can meet the needs of customers whether it is transparency, appearance, light transmittance, or viscosity. Just tell me your needs and I can help you recommend the right carbomer model. Looking forward to your consultation.