Desheng Resin PRP Separating Gel - Helps Efficient Extraction of PRP

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The full name of PRP is platelet-rich plasma, which is derived from autologous blood and contains high concentrations of platelets, white blood cells and fibrin. In general, the platelet concentration in PRP can be 3-17 times the platelet concentration in normal blood. Due to the wide range of applications of PRP, it is crucial to extract high-quality, high-concentration PRP. The PRP separating gel produced by Desheng can be used to extract PRP efficiently.

Desheng resin type PRP separation glue

The traditional method is to extract PRP by 2 times of centrifugation. According to the specific gravity of each component in the blood, the sedimentation speed during centrifugation is different. The first centrifugation separates plasma and red blood cells containing platelets, and the second centrifugation separates platelets and anemia Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be obtained by separation of platelet-plasma. After adding PRP separation gel, because the specific gravity of the separation gel is larger than that of platelet-rich plasma, after centrifugation, the uppermost layer in the PRP tube is serum, the second layer is PRP, the third layer is PRP separation gel, and the lower layer is blood cells. As long as the uppermost serum is extracted, PRP can be obtained.

The benefits of using PRP separating gel to extract PRP:

1. The operation is simpler and does not require a second centrifugation;

2. High-quality PRP can be obtained

3. Extract PRP more quickly;

4. Fewer blood samples are required;

The resin-type PRP separation glue produced by Desheng has no heat source, that is, the entire production process is carried out under sterile conditions; radiation resistance, because the PRP blood collection tube needs to be sterilized by irradiation, so the PRP glue injected into the tube also needs radiation resistance Photo; hydrolysis resistance, not only PRP separating gel, but also anticoagulants such as sodium citrate solution or ACD solution should be added to the PRP tube to avoid premature activation of platelets, so the glue surface cannot react with the solution when it is in contact with the solution for a long time. Affects the extraction of PRP; the specific gravity can be customized, and the specific gravity of PRP glue required for different purposes is different, so it is necessary to customize the separation glue with the required specific gravity according to customer requirements.

With the continuous improvement of the production process, the PRP separation gel produced by our company has excellent properties, which is comparable to the Nissan Sekisui gel, and is favored by major well-known PRP pipe manufacturers at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire, our company can provide sample testing and purchasing.