The application of new Trinder’s reagent TOOS and its detection method

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TOOS is a detection kit for uric acid and renal function detection. It has good water solubility, high sensitivity and strong stability. Its finished product is white crystal powder, which needs to be placed in a container with better shading.

Trinder’s reagent


Application of TOOS: It is a hromogenic reagent, which is used for catalase spectrophotometric determination. It is only for quantitative determination of the concentration of uric acid (UA) in human serum, plasma or urine.

Cholesterol colorimetric determination; water-soluble reagent, used for catalase photometric determination.

Water-soluble reagent, used for enzyme photometric determination of hydrogen peroxide. The new Trinder's reagent is a highly water-soluble aniline derivative, which is widely used in diagnostic tests and biochemical tests. It has several advantages over conventional color-generating reagents in the colorimetric determination of hydrogen peroxide activity. The new Trinder's reagent is stable enough to be used in both solutions and test line inspection systems. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide and peroxidase, the new Trinder's reagent in the oxidative coupling reaction with 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AA) or 3-methylbenzothiazole sulfone hydrazone (MBTH) in Chemicalbook , Forming a very stable purple or blue dye. The molar absorbance of the coupling dye with MBTH is 1.5-2 times higher than that with 4-AA; however, the 4-AA solution is more stable than the MBTH solution. The substrate is enzymatically oxidized by its oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide corresponds to the substrate concentration. Therefore, the amount of substrate can be determined by the color development of the oxidative coupling reaction. Glucose, alcohol, acyl-CoA and cholesterol can be used to detect those substrates coupled with the new Trinder's reagent and 4-AA. There are 10 new Trinder's reagents. Among the new Trinder's reagents, TOOS is the most commonly used. However, for specific substrates, testing different types of new Trinder's reagents is necessary to develop the best detection system.

A water-soluble reagent used for enzyme photometric determination of hydrogen peroxide.


The storage conditions of the TOOS products produced by Desheng need to be placed in a dark, dry and cool place for closed storage. It is strictly prohibited to mix and transport with toxic and harmful materials. This product is a non-dangerous product, and can be transported as a general chemical, lightly moved to prevent sun and rain. Desheng has deep research on the new Trinder ’s reagents for chromogen substrates, and specializes in providing such as TOOS, TOPS, ADOS, ADPS, ALPS, DAOS, HDAOS, MADB, MAOS, TODB, etc. Please contact the telephone: 0711-3702650 15071057538

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