3-(N-Morpholine)propanesulfonic acid hemi-sodium salt MOPS hemi-sodium salt

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The salt complex formed by the loss of hydrogen ion in the hydroxyl group of propanesulfonic acid moiety in MOPS hydrate is MOPS hemi-sodium salt. The CAS number of MOPS hemi-sodium salt is 117961-20-3. After titration with anhydrous sulfuric acid, the purity can reach more than 99%, and the UV absorbance is less than 0.05. Insensitive to temperature.

MOPS hemi-sodium salt chemical structure

MOPS hemi-sodium salt in physical state is a white crystalline powder. To obtain 0.1M colorless and clear MOPS hemi-sodium salt buffer, 500g of MOPS hemi-sodium salt crystalline powder needs to be dissolved in 1L of deionized water. At 25°C, the pH value of MOPS hemi-sodium salt in aqueous solution is 7.0, which is weakly alkaline. But when MOPS hemi-sodium salt buffer is used for biochemical research, its highly active pH value range is 6.5-7.9.

Both MOPS hemi-sodium salt and MOPS belong to the morpholine family series of buffers. N-substituted sulfamic acid containing morpholine ring is not conjugated with metal, but can undergo redox reaction with strong acid and strong base.

Buffer Family Name Buffer High Activity pH Range Properties

MES 5.5-6.7 N-substituted sulfamic acids with morpholine rings;

Suitable for biochemical research containing metal cations;

It cannot coexist with strong oxidizing agents and strong reducing agents.

MES hemi-sodium salt 5.5-6.7

Morpholine family MOPS 6.5-7.9

MOPS hemi-sodium salt 6.5-7.9

MOPSO 6.2-7.6

MOPS hemi-sodium salt does not react chemically with metals and enzymes, so it is often used in plant cell culture media and cation exchange chromatography that require metal cations to adjust the pH of the solution. MOPS hemi-sodium salt is very stable in controlling pH value, so in some experiments that are particularly sensitive to pH value, MOPS hemi-sodium salt is the best choice.

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