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The acrylic acid (ester) copolymer is controlled during the crosslinking process to form a new type of milky white liquid, which is the emulsion carbomer. Emulsion carbomer is a good modifier that, after neutralization and acidification, can change the appearance of soap-based cleaning products, making them more stable, more viscous, and more transparent. Commonly used in shampoo, hand soap, detergent and other products.


At room temperature, the pH value of emulsion carbomer is 2.1-4.0, which is acidic. When added to the product, it is compatible with solutions with pH from 3.5-10. The lower the pH value of the solution, the better the viscosity and suspension performance of the emulsion carbomer. Due to its superior suspending properties, emulsion carbomer can beautify the appearance of products, make them smoother and have better stability in products such as pearlescent agents and flavors. Emulsion carbomer has strong compatibility. For example, in disinfection products, when adding emulsion carbomer, the content of alcohol can account for more than 80% of the entire system. Adding a small amount of salt to the system, its viscosity and suspension performance are better.

The traditional lotion carbomer is often used in cleaning products. After continuous improvement and upgrading, now the lotion carbomer can be directly added to the formulation of skin care products such as facial cleanser, face cream, cosmetics such as liquid foundation and sunscreen. The method used is to thoroughly mix ethanol and glycerol with deionized water, then add the emulsion carbomer and stir well. Finally, triethanolamine was added to adjust the pH of the solution to the target value. When adding lotion carbomer to disposable hand gel, Desheng recommends adding no less than 2%.

Hubei Desheng focuses on the production of carbomer. The carbomer series has been expanded from a single carbomer 940/980 to 7 types, namely emulsion carbomer, carbomer 690, carbomer 941, carbomer 934, Carbomer 971, Carbomer U20, Carbomer U2020. The quality of these carbomers can be comparable to imported products, but with excellent properties and lower production costs, they can completely replace the use of imported carbomers. If you need a manufacturer of emulsion carbomer, Desheng is your best choice. Welcome to contact purchasing.