Branches build strong fortresses, build and create together to promote development

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On June 6, the Hubei Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Party Committee of Hubei Gedian Development Zone Economic Development Bureau and the Party General Branch of Hubei Xindesheng Materials Technology Co., Ltd. held a joint construction symposium. Through the exchange of party building experience, we will strengthen each other's business contacts and feelings, further expand new models of cooperation between the two parties, and jointly discuss new problems, new tests and new models encountered in party building work under the new situation, so as to provide impetus for the development of enterprises, achieve mutual learning of experience, and jointly purpose of improvement. In order to do a good job in this event, Hubei Xindesheng attached great importance to it, carefully arranged arrangements, understood the knowledge of party building, and mobilized all party members to participate in this event.

By organizing and carrying out themed party building practice activities with distinct themes, rich contents and novel forms, the enthusiasm of the majority of party members for joint construction has been fully mobilized. According to the deployment of the party building activities, the three units successively carried out the oath of joining the party, training sharing, internal and external exchanges, quizzes on party history knowledge, and singing red songs. Party members and comrades expressed their deep feelings to the party in simple language; the party history quiz knowledge activity enhanced the sense of national pride and historical and cultural identity; singing the red song and singing the red song, everyone was full of energy and sang with full enthusiasm and resounding singing. The red songs of different periods show the love for the motherland, and at the same time lead us to relive the arduous journey of the Chinese nation's struggle.

All grassroots branches adhere to the problem-oriented approach, in-depth exchange of experience and practices in party building work, exploring new ideas, new measures, and new methods for collision party building work. Minister Li Qun of Hubei Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center delivered an important speech, pointing out how to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in enterprises under the new situation. , service science and technology management and science and technology exhibitions and other activities, promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Hubei enterprises and countries in the world in science and technology, trade, industry, humanities and society, and achieve win-win integration and development.

All units actively explore the work path of "joint construction" of grass-roots party organizations, "joint learning" of party members, "joint promotion" of work, and "joint sharing" of resources, and constantly optimize the exchange of work experience and solve practical problems, so as to realize party building and production and operation. , Reform and development of benign interaction. "Leading party building" is the historical mission entrusted by the times; "jointly building together" is an innovative measure for party building work; "jointly advancing" is the forward direction of party building and joint building. Through the joint construction and joint construction of branches, a new pattern of party building work of "resource integration, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and common improvement" has been formed.

With the joint efforts of the three units, this party building activity was a complete success, further developing new ideas for party building work, creating new measures, establishing a new style of work, and seeking a new state, giving full play to the leading role of grass-roots party building and the fighting fortress of the branch. effect. In the future, Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to take the opportunity of joint party building activities to further strengthen the communication and contact with the government departments and party branches of various units in Hubei Province, cities and districts, refine and deepen the party building work, and use the party Organize the role of "red engine" and strive to take off!