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Features of CHAPS

CHAPS (CAS75621-03-3), CAS No.: 75621-03-3 | Molecular formula: C 32 H 58 N 2 O 7 S, full chemical name is 3-[(3-Cholamidopropyl) dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulfonate, is A CHAPS is a zwitterionic active agent widely used in protein preparation, solubilization and separation. It is a white powder solid at room temperature and has good water solubility (50 mg/mL), but is hydrophobic at the molecular level. When CHAPS is dissolved in water, the appearance of its aqueous solution is colorless to light yellow and transparent.

Applications of CHAPS

1.CHAPS is a non-denaturing detergent used to solubilize membrane proteins and disrupt protein-protein interactions. The structure of this surfactant combines the useful properties of sulfobetaine-type and bile salt detergents

2. Some studies have shown that, compared with NP-40 and Triton X-100, CHAPS can gently and effectively disrupt the nuclear membrane, solubilize membrane proteins and disrupt protein-protein interactions (PPIs).

3. CHAPS can protect the natural state or conformation of proteins, thereby maintaining the activity and function of proteins. Therefore, CHAPS is widely used in biological science research fields such as cell lysis and protein purification. For proteomics: In TMT sample preparation for mammalian cell and tissue analysis, the use of CHAPS lysis buffer can avoid accidental protein degradation during protein digestion and improve protein extraction efficiency.

4.CHAPS has been successfully used to solubilize inner membrane proteins and receptors, and has the ability to maintain protein activity. Proteins can also be iodinated in the presence of CHAPS.

Precautions for using CHAPS

1. When you prepare any solution with CHAPS, try not to shake or stir vigorously. Its storage conditions are refrigerated at 2-8°C

2. Degrade remaining DNA contamination by incubating with benzonatase nuclease at 37°C before adding CHAPS (0.5% w/v). Crude lysate was cleared from cell debris by centrifugation (3000 g, 10 min).

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