How widely the application of MES buffer is, it is enough to read this article

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MES Chinese name is 2-(N-morpholine)ethanesulfonic acid, it is a buffer used in biochemistry and molecular biology, it is a zwitterionic morpholine buffer, suitable for pH range of 5.5-6.7 , commonly used in cell culture media, running buffers in electrophoresis, and protein purification in chromatography. Since MES does not form complexes with most metal ions, it is used as a non-coordinating buffer in metal ion solutions. However, the application of MES is far more than that, and it is also used in many experiments. Let's take a look!

Application of MES buffer:

1. MES belonging to anion buffer is suitable for cation exchange chromatography and hydroxyapatite chromatography;

2. For gel filtration chromatography;

3. For cellulose phosphate column chromatography;

4. For hydrophobic interaction chromatography;

5. For SDS-PAGE;

6. For fluorescence microscope;

7. Suitable as non-coordinating buffer in metal ion solution;

8. It is suitable for the research of redox process;

9. For the preparation of culture medium, because it is not metabolized by bacteria and eukaryotic cells;

10. Medium for low-concentration plant cells;

11. For mammalian cell culture;

12. Suitable for most toxicity studies;

13. In vitro dissolution test for liposomes;

14. MES interacts with the peptide backbone of bovine serum albumin, resulting in net stabilization of the protein;

15. MES does not form free radical species, making it suitable for redox research;

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