How to choose a virus transport media manufacturer? Buyer must see

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If you want to talk about the popular words last year, the new coronavirus and nucleic acid testing will definitely be on the top of the list. As the first step of nucleic acid testing, there is no doubt about the importance of sample collection and preservation. It is often said in the inspection industry that garbage samples give garbage results. In emphasizing the importance of sample collection. If there is a problem with sample collection, no matter how well the subsequent work is done, the results will be invalid. Choosing the right virus transport media can make the new crown detection more effective, so what problems should be paid attention to when choosing a virus transport media?

1. Clarify the purpose of use

For different detection purposes, different virus transport medias need to be used. There are two types of virus transport medias that are widely used at present. The inactivated virus transport media belongs to the virus lysis type preservation solution, which can effectively inactivate the virus during sampling and protect the viral nucleic acid from being degraded. The non-inactivated virus transport media mainly refers to the preservation solution in the form of culture, which can maintain the activity of the virus in vitro and the integrity of the antigen and nucleic acid. Therefore, when purchasing, it must be clear whether the inactivated or non-inactivated type is required.

Second, there is a comparison to choose

It is unavoidable to shop around when buying things. There are so many manufacturers of virus transport medias in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a well-known and reputable supplier. Through the exchange of information among peers, it is easier to understand the relevant information. Buyers can online Find more manufacturers of virus transport media, the Internet is so powerful now, whether the word of mouth is good or not, you can know whether there is a brand name by searching, by comparing the word-of-mouth, public evaluation and strength of several manufacturers to refer to the selection, and also compare the virus The effect and price of the preservation solution, etc., choose a cost-effective manufacturer.

Third, pay attention to not only consider the price

When choosing a virus transport media supplier, buyers should be careful not to blindly pursue low prices. It is also very important to inspect product quality. A very effective method is to try samples. There will be many after-sales problems, and it will be more troublesome to deal with. Desheng currently has a free trial quota, and you can get 50-100ML preservation solution samples by submitting relevant information. If you need it, you can contact customer service to obtain it.

4. Is the logistics and transportation reliable?

Because the virus transport media is liquid, if the packaging is not in place, there will be leakage if there is a slight bump, which will bring great losses to customers. Therefore, the selection of packaging materials, the design of the structure, the manufacturing process and other aspects must be We must do a good job of "trying and failing" before delivery. Only when the details are in place, will customers continue to flow.

If the above four points are clarified, then choosing a virus transport media can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The virus transport media developed and produced by Desheng is divided into two types: inactivated and non-inactivated. The product market has a good reputation, rapid supply and high cost performance. You can Choose different preservation solutions according to experimental needs and detection conditions. If you have any questions or needs, you can call for details, and you are more welcome to come to discuss cooperation!