Tris-Hydroxymethylaminomethane word of mouth feedback

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Manufacturers that focus on the word of mouth of Tris(hydroxymethylaminomethane) usually pay more attention to quality. Desheng Biochemical is a manufacturer of tris. It has always spent a lot of time on the word-of-mouth quality of this product, not only for salesmen Doing direct customer testing, free sample testing in scope, and without exception wanting to get real feedback.

Desheng was established in Qingshan, Wuhan, Hubei in 2005. Although the factory is leased, the boss, because he is a technical background, thought that he must have his own R&D team at the beginning of the establishment of the company, and he should not "walk with a lame" and is constantly recruiting During the process, like-minded people joined in, and there were also batches of passers-by, but they all brought new development to Desheng. Around 2010, the company developed from the earlier blood collection tube additive project to the establishment of biological buffer R&D personnel. After more than a year, it turned around and now has two technical R&D engineers who have been focusing on the research and development of biological buffers. , The department members have a team of 5 people so far. Although they are not very large, they focus on the research and development and innovation of biological buffers, and the most notable of them is the research and development and production of tris.

Through continuous testing, production, testing, trial, small test, pilot test, large-scale test, and thousands of trials, Desheng's Tris is finally not subject to others, and has its own production procedures and a series of product quality standards. In this process, in addition to Desheng's own test, Tris products were also sent to the manufacturers that cooperate with Desheng, which have withstood the test again and again. It's good to wait for a series of questions to "your product is really good", "the purity is still relatively good, it is the one we use with the best purity", "it can be used in the protein buffer, and you have used it a lot. It is relatively clear” and so on, and has received a lot of praises, big and small.

In 2019, Desheng intends to launch Tris abroad. Although there is a perfect foreign trade department, it is not as expected. An epidemic has slowed down our pace. We can only promote Tris on the Internet. , but still received inquiries from some foreign companies. Only when you really use it can you know the quality of Desheng tris products. Now there are dozens of large customers abroad, and they all praise Desheng tris products. The quality is really good, and we will continue to cooperate for a long time.

When choosing a manufacturer to cooperate with, in addition to the price, in fact, as a purchaser, I believe that I will also pay more attention to quality, and make a more appropriate choice under the dual balance of quality and product price. Desheng welcomes your inquiries and free samples!