What are the problems of serum separation gel in practical application

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With the continuous maturity of medical testing technology, automated testing has become more and more widely used in the field of clinical testing. How to quickly and effectively separate serum and maintain the original state of serum has become a common problem faced by the medical testing community. The emergence of serum separation gel has brought hope to solve this problem, but it also faces various problems in practical application.

1. The bubble problem

There is a problem of air bubbles in the separation gel of the blood collection tube. Many times we need to think about whether there is a quality problem in the separation gel. There is indeed such a possibility, but when excluding the impact of quality problems, have we noticed other reasons.

In many practical situations, during the production of vacuum blood collection tube manufacturers, during the process of adding glue to the machine, if the operation is improper, when it is injected into the bottom of the blood collection tube, it will come into contact with air, which will easily cause the generation of air bubbles. In another case, the vacuum of the planetary mixer is not enough to cause air bubbles to form in the air.

2. The problem of blood trapping

If the blood collection tube manufacturer mixes different batches of separation gels or separation gels produced by different manufacturers during the production process, the thixotropic properties of the separation gels may be damaged, the viscosity is uneven, and the serum cannot be well separated in the actual blood collection process. and blood clots, resulting in severe blood entrapment.

In addition to the fact that the blood collection tube manufacturer did not pay attention to the problem of blood trapping in the product, in the actual blood collection process, if our medical staff did not turn the blood collection tube upside down after blood collection to make the blood fully contact with the coagulant in the blood collection tube, or reverse the contact without waiting. Completely coagulated and directly on the machine will also lead to the occurrence of blood trapping.

3. Flip problem

Whether there is an inversion problem has a lot to do with the specific gravity of the serum separation gel. The specific gravity of human blood is between 1.05-1.06, while the specific gravity of plasma is between 1.025-1.030, and the specific gravity of red blood cells is between 1.080-1.090. If you want to completely separate serum and plasma, you need to accurately control the specific gravity of the separating gel. In addition to specific gravity, insufficient centrifugal force, short centrifugation time or centrifugation before the blood is completely coagulated will also cause the phenomenon of inversion.

4. The problem of inaccurate detection

In actual testing, we will often find that medical testing personnel often react, and the potassium ion in the serum test results is high. The reason for this usually occurs when the centrifugal force is too large or the centrifugation time is long, or hemolysis may occur, but if the viscosity of the separating gel is not enough, it may also cause inaccurate actual detection problems.

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