Epidemic prevention and control has been upgraded again! Desheng virus transport media helps the protection of this epidemic

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic at Lukou International Airport, it has spread to many provinces. Due to the rapid spread of the virus and its wide range, "delta mutant strain", a term originally only appeared in the literature, has become a hot topic of discussion. The tower has strong transmission power, fast replication, high body load, and is more adaptable to the human body. Once infected, it is easy to become severe, and life is paramount. Desheng fights the "epidemic" - Desheng successfully developed a virus transport media in the early stage of the epidemic to help safety Efficient virus detection and clinical testing.

The latest situation of the new crown virus pneumonia in Henan

As of January 11, there were 143 new local confirmed cases in Henan Province; 1 new imported confirmed case; no new asymptomatic infections and suspected cases; with the further development of the epidemic, the demand for new coronavirus nucleic acid testing Increasingly, a large number of clinical specimens need to be collected, so nucleic acid testing of sample collection products is urgently needed. The virus sampling tube preservation solution developed by Desheng Technology can be used for the collection, transportation and storage of virus samples, and provides effective help for nucleic acid extraction and subsequent follow-up. After sampling, the preservation solution in the sampling tube can quickly inactivate the virus, ensure the safety of front-line medical workers and testers, and prevent cross-infection; at the same time, samples can be transported at room temperature, maintaining the stability of viral nucleic acid without risk of infection. Accurate results can be obtained when testing.

Why should a new coronavirus nucleic acid test be performed?

The culprit of this round of epidemics in China is also the Delta variant of the new coronavirus that was prevalent in Guangdong. Delta virus has high discretion, short incubation period, extremely high contagiousness, extremely fast spread, and long virus-carrying time. If it is detected 24 hours late, it may cause more people to spread infection. The source of infection can be found as soon as possible through nucleic acid testing, and early isolation , to prevent the virus from spreading to the outside world, and strive for the initiative to deal with the epidemic.

What are the requirements for sampling point settings?

1. The sampling point is an independent space, with special emphasis on the need to have ventilation conditions. The interior is divided into corresponding clean areas and polluted areas, and hand hygiene facilities or devices are provided.

2. There must be an independent waiting area, with entrances and exits to ensure one-way flow of people; "1-meter line" spacing signs are posted on the ground, and security staff and other staff are required to maintain order, implement the "1-meter line" spacing requirements, and prevent crowds from crowding together .

The virus transport medias produced and developed by Desheng are divided into two categories: inactivated and non-inactivated virus transport medias. Their purpose is to protect the viral nucleic acid from being rapidly degraded in vitro, so as to facilitate the amplification of specific nucleic acid sequences for the purpose of detection. Desheng's virus transport media is currently repurchased by many manufacturers continuously and stably. I believe there will be more in the future, because our products are not only of high quality and favorable prices, but also provide professional after-sales technical guidance, which is precisely the new and old customers. The reason for the love and trust of