With so many TRIS buffer manufacturers, how to stand out

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Tris, the full name of Tris in Chinese, is CAS77-86-1. It is an important biological buffer and pharmaceutical intermediate, and has an extremely wide range of social use. At present, there are many applications of Tris in the fields of biochemistry and medicine. There are so many manufacturers of TRIS buffers. How to choose what you want at a glance among the dazzling manufacturers is a common headache for buyers.

There are so many manufacturers of TRIS buffers, how to stand out among many manufacturers and win the trust of customers? Product quality issues need to be considered. It reaches more than 99%. Some manufacturers claim to be white crystalline powder, but it is very uneven, with large particles and small particles. This quality is very bad. The second is after-sales service. If you encounter product quality problems, If you can't get a satisfactory solution, presumably the customer will not buy it again in the future. Desheng is a direct manufacturer of TRIS, so there is no need to worry about similar problems.

In addition to product quality issues, the second factor to consider is price. Even if the price of a bad product is low, no one will have the desire to buy it, and some people even think that low price means inferior quality. Symbol, of course, this cannot be generalized. First of all, you have to obtain an average value after inquiring many times in the market. After fully understanding the market, you can talk about the price level. When choosing a manufacturer, we try to consider purchasing high cost performance Although the price of TRIS produced by Desheng is not very low, it must be very cost-effective, and there is more room for profit margins above the ton level.

We talked about quality issues and price issues above. Next, let’s talk about technical service issues. When customers are inquiring about products, they have a good technology as support, which can make the whole purchasing process smoother and customer experience better. Desheng is a professional manufacturer. At present, there are as many as 8 R&D personnel in charge of TRIS buffers. They can guide the specific links in the use and configuration of TRIS reagents. This is for customers who pay attention to technical support. is very attractive.

Although there are many tris manufacturers, it is important to choose the right one. Desheng currently cooperates with hundreds of customers for TRIS buffer. The quality has been well received by many customers, and the after-sales service is in place. Try to meet the requirements of customers, and the cost performance is also very high. Welcome to consult and order!