How is PRP separating gel applied to medical beauty projects?

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PRP is to extract high-concentration plasma rich in platelets by extracting its own blood and using serum separation gel. Re-injecting the extracted plasma into one's own skin can obtain a number of cosmetic effects, such as removing eye bags and dark circles, reducing wrinkles, restoring wounds, and having a certain effect on hair loss, etc.

The PRP beauty technology often heard is not mysterious. To put it bluntly, it is to use the natural ingredients in the autologous blood as growth factors to inject into the skin that needs medical beauty, so as to regenerate the injected skin cells and delay the treatment. Brush old. This natural ingredient is rich in platelets, stem cells, and growth factors, and it is in the high-concentration platelet plasma in the blood. Since PRP uses natural components in its own blood, which is different from other synthetic injection therapy, it has the advantages of no allergic reaction and no side effects, and is favored by beauty lovers.

In the implementation process of the above beauty projects, the more critical step is to effectively extract PRP, which leads to today's theme: how PRP tubes are applied to medical beauty projects. Generally speaking, blood collection tubes are thought to be used to check diseases, but PRP tubes are born to extract high concentrations of platelet-rich platelets for reuse. Everyone must want to know why such a blood collection tube has such a magical extraction effect? This has to go back to the credit of the serum separation gel mentioned at the beginning of the article. The serum separation gel and anticoagulant are added to the PRP tube, and the PRP tube is operated by a centrifuge to remove red blood cells and white blood cells, leaving plasma containing a large number of platelets.

The serum separation gel independently developed and produced by Desheng Biochemical is a patented product, which has gone through four generations. It can be divided into acrylate system and resin system according to different raw materials. Both can be used as test tube additives for plasma extraction and can be stored for a long time. The company's unit packaging volume is 25kg/barrel, and customers are welcome to purchase and try it out.