Which manufacturers should be consulted when purchasing raw materials for diagnostic kits

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Believe that the domestic many manufacturers will be In vitro diagnostic reagent for purchasing reagents and raw materials have a headache, most manufacturers are core components and raw material similar to that of the communications industry relies heavily on imports of "their" situation, then can to a long-term, stable spot suppliers, is more difficult, so at home, have a manufacturer can long-term and stable supply of diagnostic reagents, raw materials and product quality and service are on?

Diagnostic reagent refers to the diagnostic reagent prepared by immunology, microbiology, molecular biology and other principles or methods and used in vitro for the diagnosis, detection and epidemiological investigation of human diseases. Diagnostic reagents can be divided into in vivo diagnostic reagents and in vitro diagnostic reagents. In addition to the diagnosis of such as old tuberculin, brucelicitin, sike toxin used in the skin of the body diagnostic reagent, most in vitro diagnostic products.


Diagnostic reagents in accordance with the classification methodology can be divided into clinical biochemical reagents, immune diagnostic reagents, molecular diagnostic reagents, including immune diagnostic reagents is the most used one, immune diagnostic reagents in the diagnosis of most varieties in the kit, according to the diagnostic categories, can be divided into the infectious disease, endocrine, tumor, drug testing, blood typing, etc. Judging from the results, the methodology can be divided into EIA, colloidal gold, chemiluminescence reagent, isotopes and other different types of reagents. Among them, the reagents of isotopic radioimmunity have been eliminated in the international market and are still used in a small amount in China due to their large environmental pollution.


Wuhan DE sheng, biotechnology is now have the ability and very good research and development production out of the can compete with foreign first-line brand immune diagnostic reagents products, including biological buffer, chemiluminescence reagents and other products, after years of research and development efforts, finally able to products used in many fields, and exported to foreign countries, and many large enterprises at home and abroad reached a long-term cooperation relationship. If you are struggling to purchase raw materials for diagnostic kits, desheng technology will be your best choice.