To help fight the epidemic, Desheng virus transport media is in action

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Nowadays, the new crown virus has begun to spread everywhere. In order to increase prevention and control efforts, various places have started rounds of new crown nucleic acid tests. In response to the current needs of new crown virus pneumonia, Hubei Xindesheng successfully developed one last year. A good product for virus detection and processing-virus transport media, which is very suitable for the needs of many current test sample processing and preservation, and the quality has also been recognized by many manufacturers. This war without gunpowder is still not over. I hope that the epidemic will be retreated as soon as possible. .

Features of Desheng Inactivated virus transport media

1. Simple operation and use, no need to prepare liquid, the system contains high-efficiency virus lysate, and the virus is inactivated immediately after sampling.

2. The sample preservation solution can effectively inactivate viruses (or pathogens), protect the medical environment and medical staff, and reduce the spread of pathogens.

3. The nucleic acid degrading enzyme can be inactivated, thereby stabilizing the nucleic acid to be detected in the sample.

4. The inactivated virus transport media can be stored and transported at room temperature without degradation for 1 week

Desheng virus transport media "Hundreds of Tests Does Not Leak"

The virus transport media is liquid. If the packaging is not in place and there is a slight bump, it will leak, which will cause very large losses to the customer. Therefore, it must be closed on the shipping package and done before shipment. " "Hundreds of tests do not leak." The virus transport media sent by Desheng has been tested before delivery. The author has personally experienced the consignor inverting the virus transport media, standing on it and stepping on it. Wrap the film in layers and pack it in a carton. How can customers not worry about such a virus transport media?

The quality of Desheng virus transport media is guaranteed

In the current epidemic situation, there is no shortage of manufacturers who are shoddy and selling at low prices. In fact, this behavior is very "not contemptuous". Our products are used for new crown testing. The quality of the products is directly related to the results of the testing. Sheng inactivated virus transport media can be stored and transported at room temperature for 1 week without degradation. After extraction according to most commercial kits, the RNA obtained is of good quality and high yield, and can complete various genetic testing and analysis experiments. Manufacturers unanimously stated that the test results are very good after trying our products.

At present, Xindesheng has upgraded its equipment and can produce one thousand liters of virus transport media per day, which greatly meets the current domestic demand for a large number of nucleic acid testing. At the most difficult moment of nucleic acid detection tasks, Desheng's inactivated and non-inactivated virus storage solutions assisted nucleic acid detection, which contributed a meager effort to epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it also went out of the country and worked with foreign customers to help global epidemic prevention and control. .