How to solve these problems with Virus sample transporattion medium?

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In response to this incident in Zhangjiajie, let us once again understand that the virus is waiting for an opportunity, and we must not take it lightly. At the same time, we must fully cooperate with local governments to take precautionary measures, so as not to cause more troubles due to selfish desires. Nucleic acid tests for all employees are carried out in many places this time. The virus transporattion medium plays a key role. You will always encounter many problems when using the virus transporattion medium. As a Virus transporattion medium manufacturer, Desun will answer the following more common questions. .

How to judge whether the Virus sample transporattion medium has deteriorated or grown bacteria?

Generally, it can be observed by naked eyes first. Usually, the non-inactivated Virus sample transporattion medium is easy to deteriorate or grow bacteria, and the inactivated type is not easy to deteriorate. Deteriorated storage solutions are usually not uniform in color, accompanied by turbidity or flocculents, etc. Of course, the normal color is ultimately tested to determine whether it is usable. If you want to avoid spoilage and growth of bacteria in the preservation solution, you must pay attention to maintaining a strict low temperature and the product container is tightly sealed.

How long is the preservation time of the Virus sample transporattion medium?

We generally look at Virus transporattion mediums to focus on nucleic acid degradation, but this is only a feature of the product itself. Nowadays, nucleic acid testing usually takes several hours or twenty-four hours to produce results, so Virus transporattion medium is needed to protect samples for transportation and storage. However, for long-term preservation, it is necessary to rely on the long-term ultra-low temperature cryopreservation of the Virus transporattion medium.

What should I do if the Virus sample transporattion medium accidentally sticks to the skin?

The Virus transporattion medium accidentally sticking to the skin is basically the preservation solution before sampling and does not contain virus samples. Just rinse with clean water. If it is to operate the preservation solution of the collected virus samples, it needs to be operated by specialized technicians in a special laboratory. Because the protective clothing, protective gloves, goggles and other equipment are worn in advance, the preservation solution will not contact the skin. of.

What are the reasons for false negatives caused by Virus sample transporattion medium?

(1) Too little content in the sampling site: In the early stage of the virus invading the human body, the amount of the virus in the human body has not yet reached a detectable level. In different periods of virus incubation, asymptomatic, mild symptoms, and severe symptoms, the viral load of the nasopharynx, oropharynx, trachea, bronchi, and alveoli will be different. The difference in sampling timing and sampling location may result in insufficient virus in the collected specimens;

(2) The sample content is below the lower limit of detection: any test reagent has its lower limit of detection (ie sensitivity). If the virus in the patient's specimen does not reach the lower limit of detection of the reagent used, a false negative will occur;

(3) Degradation of sample virus: The interval between sample sampling and detection is too long, or the temperature of the sample storage environment is too high, or the storage solution in the sampling tube has deteriorated.