Recently, the demand for virus transport media has increased significantly

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The Tokyo Olympics is not over yet, and the Delta new crown virus strain has indeed appeared many times around the world, and there have been sporadic confirmed cases in many provinces in China. Therefore, as an additive in virus sampling tubes for nucleic acid detection, the demand for virus transport media will increase significantly.

Large supply of virus transport media

The role of virus transport media in detection

Virus transport media is also called sample preservation solution or nucleic acid preservation solution. It is a necessary liquid medium for virus transfer during the process of virus sampling, transportation, and preservation, which can prevent virus samples from degrading after sampling and causing "false negatives" in the test. In other words, when nucleic acid testing cannot be performed immediately, the sample must be immersed in the virus transport media to ensure the accuracy of the test.

The reason why the virus degrades in vitro

A virus is a microorganism with a very simple structure. It is composed of a protein shell plus DNA or RNA. It has no cell structure and cannot perform various cell functions independently. It can only parasitize the cells of other organisms. This cell is called a virus. Host cell. Viruses use host cells to complete life activities such as replication and propagation, nucleic acid transcription, reverse transcription, and protein synthesis. For example, the virus is parasitic in the cells of the human nasal cavity or throat mucosa. After sampling, the virus leaves the human body and is exposed to the body. After a period of time, most of the viruses will die, and their proteins and nucleic acids will be degraded. If it is basically degraded, it will be difficult to detect the viral nucleic acid, and it is naturally impossible to diagnose whether it is positive or negative.

virus transport media improves detection safety

Nowadays, due to the large screening range of virus detection, nucleic acid detection with faster detection speed is mainly used. This detection method only needs to detect the nucleic acid of the virus to make a diagnosis, instead of retaining the intact virus like protein antigen detection. Or viral protein shell. The virus transport media can be used to degrade the protein of the virus in the sample with an inactivated type, and only retain its nucleic acid for RNA reverse transcription amplification detection. In this way, the virus-inactivated samples avoid the risk of secondary infection caused by experimental errors.

The recent large-scale nucleic acid testing in many regions has led to a sharp increase in the demand for related products such as masks, hand sanitizers, sampling tubes, and virus transport medias. As a virus transport media manufacturer, Desheng has also expanded the production capacity and supply of related products. , To meet the needs of scarce supplies.