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The virus transport media provides a convenient, safe, fast and effective method for the preservation of nasopharyngeal swabs. It can keep the nucleic acid in the sample intact and non-degradable at room temperature for a certain period of time, providing high-quality nasopharyngeal swabs This provides a reliable guarantee and also improves the detection efficiency for nucleic acid detection. With the outbreak of the epidemic again, the demand for virus transport medias is also increasing. Although there are many manufacturers on the market to choose from, few are of reliable quality. So when choosing a manufacturer, be sure to keep your eyes open. .

Inactivated-non-inactivated preservation solution

As the source manufacturer of the virus transport media, Desheng Company, at this critical juncture, is also working day and night, sticking to its posts and increasing the production speed of the virus transport media, which can provide a large amount of supply for the market. Of course, with a responsible attitude towards customers, both the selection of raw materials and the process of production control are strictly controlled to ensure product quality. The virus transport media produced by Desheng has the following characteristics:

⚪Fire extinguishing type-non-inactivating type

The inactivated preservation solution can quickly inactivate the virus, and the non-inactivated preservation solution can keep the virus particles intact, and at the same time quickly inactivate the sample, cut off the source of infection, block the route of infection, and protect medical safety staff.

⚪More convenient

After the sample is collected, the swab can be directly put into the virus sample preservation solution, which is simple to operate and convenient to store.

⚪More reliable detection

Take the sample, fix it in the preservation solution immediately, and cover the test tube lid. The nucleic acid detection can better reflect the real situation of the sampling.

⚪More stable

The virus transport media enables samples to be transported at room temperature, nucleic acid can be stored stably for a long time, and virus particles remain intact and not ruptured, which increases the abundance of the virus and effectively increases the detection rate.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for the sampling of new coronaviruses, influenza viruses (common influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, A H1N1 virus, etc.), hand, foot and mouth virus, and other viruses.