Seven Questions of Purchasing in the Chemical Reagent Industry

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Purchasing is the core of all companies. Finding the materials needed at the most favorable price is one of the reasons why the company's profits are maximized. In the complex and changeable world of the chemical industry, few suppliers have beaten all the boxes. In this article, we will discuss the procurement in the chemical industry. Our company also sums up our experience and shares with you seven questions about procurement.

1. Greater competition and greater complexity

You are not afraid of competition, but when it comes to obtaining the best sources of chemicals, you don't want them to have the upper hand in the competition. The chemical industry is very complex and demanding, and so is your order. You need a supplier who can fully understand your complex needs and meet them every time.

2. Over budget

Exceeding the budget is much easier than we have to admit. Overspending can have immediate and serious consequences, affecting credit lines, abandoning profit forecasts and stopping further purchases. Although this situation can usually be corrected, it is important to simplify the procurement process and increase efficiency.

3. The need for transparency in the supply chain

Your standards are high, and you require suppliers to provide exactly the same quality. Find a supply chain that can provide you with complete transparency from source to delivery. This is your goal. There is almost nothing else you can do.

4. Need more raw material choices

When your chemical needs are complex and changeable, you need to be able to purchase raw materials that cover multiple uses. When a trusted supplier cannot provide you with this choice, you should know how to make a choice.

5. Damaged goods

You will not accept damaged orders in your personal life, so why should you continue your business? This kind of thing may happen to you, and you may find that this one-time astray has been covered up, but the repeated orders have brought long-term trouble.

6. Shipping logistics

After placing an order, you need to be able to trust that it will arrive in time. Logistics, express delivery, it depends on your supplier. You have already paid for the service, depending on your provider.

The habit of letting suppliers take you seriously is what you are after, letting suppliers understand what it means for your company to deliver on time, and those who strive to fulfill their delivery promises. You want to be able to track your orders, you need flexibility and fast-tracking services. You need your suppliers to be as flexible as your business.

7. Unexpected orders

Like overspending, unexpected orders are usually caused by poor communication. This order allows you to add mistakes to human errors every day, so you need to calmly deal with this situation.

Check your purchasing line carefully to find out the cause of the error. Errors do happen, but too many errors can cause money loss. Although your supplier may be happy to let you return the first item you ordered by mistake, the second or third item may not say the same thing.


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