The sales volume of Desun Carbomer is so high, it turns out that it is because of this

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Carbomer entered the public's field of vision for the first time, mostly because it was affected by the epidemic, because as one of the main ingredients in disposable hand sanitizers, it has received great attention in the industry. In this context, batches of carbomer manufacturers have emerged in China. Affected by factors such as price, quality, capacity, transparency, and viscosity, it is difficult for any manufacturer to satisfy customers in all aspects. With such a high sales volume, Desun Carbomer can gain a firm foothold in the market, obviously behind it must have paid more efforts.


1. Desheng Carbomer's production capacity upgrade

Carbomer has a wide range of uses and a large market demand. If it is not supported by good quality and high production capacity, it is difficult to be recognized by customers. At present, Desheng has a professional production base and specially hired professional and technical personnel to maintain the whole process. In order to ensure the normal supply of Carbomer, Desheng employees work overtime in a 24-hour shift system, making it possible to produce 2 tons per day. While mass production is achieved, the quality has been tested and meets various standards, which is comparable to international imported brands. .

2. The quality of Desheng Carbomer is recognized

If quality and social responsibility are the cornerstones of a company’s progress, then the R&D platform is the inexhaustible driving force for the company’s long-term and sustainable development. The R&D director of Desheng Technology led reporters to visit a number of laboratories and said that there has been a shortage of Carbomer Since then, its R&D team has set up an emergency team at the first time, dedicated to the research and development of alternative raw materials and solutions, and quickly launched it after the completion of R&D and evaluation, and tested many long-term cooperative customers at home and abroad, and quickly responded and improved. Recognized by customers.


3. Desheng Carbomer Transparency

Carbomer 940 is widely used in hand-washing disinfection gel and various skin care products. For skin care products, transparency is a very important factor. High transparency will undoubtedly add more highlights to the product. Carbo produced by Desheng MU 940 has high transparency, and the viscosity can be customized according to customer needs, which can meet the needs of most buyers.


4. Desheng Carbomer Packaging

The carbomer produced by Desheng is packed in a non-toxic polypropylene plastic bag and sealed, and then packed into a moisture-proof cardboard box. If the product is purchased in a small amount, it is usually packed in a bag and sealed. If you can't use it up at a time, you can pack it in multiple bags according to the customer's needs, so there is no need to worry about the problem of storage after buying it back.


Desheng is one of the very good manufacturers of Carbomer. At present, there are many customers in cooperation. With the continuous improvement of product quality, it has opened a very good situation in the domestic and foreign markets. At present, the customers who cooperate are all in high demand. And the stable repurchase, mostly used in daily chemical products and gynecological gel, hope that Desheng will become more and more powerful in the future.