Have you encountered the following problems when purchasing Carbomer?

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Because of its wide range of uses and the different explanations of carbomer in the same industry, customers often encounter various problems when using it. Recently, according to the information compiled by the sales department, customers who use carbomer often ask about carbomer’s various questions about model selection, viscosity influencing factors, and how to judge the quality. The following will be carried out by Desheng. answer.

1. Can different models of carbomer replace each other?

Carbomers are polymerized with different materials and different degrees of polymerization, so there are many different specifications and models of carbomers. Commonly used in the market are carbomer 980, carbomer 940, carbomer U20, etc., and their thickening performance, emulsification performance, viscosity, shear resistance, etc. are different, so most cases cannot be replaced by each other of. For example, Carbomer 980 is more suitable for skin care products and moisturizing formulas, and it is not sticky after use, while Carbomer 940 has a clearer skin feel and is suitable for refreshing formulas.


2. What factors affect the carbomer viscosity

The degree of molecular expansion, pH value, electrolyte concentration and temperature will all affect the viscosity of carbomer. The specific performance is: the greater the degree of molecular expansion, the greater the carbomer viscosity; the viscosity of carbomer dispersion varies with PH The decrease of the value presents a trend of first increasing and then decreasing; a slight change in ion concentration can cause a drastic change in viscosity, thereby affecting the rheological behavior of the entire gel system; as the temperature increases, the gel molecules and The hydrogen bond between water molecules is weakened, and some of the hydrogen bonds are broken, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the system.


3. How to distinguish the quality of carbomer

Here are two more basic judgment methods. Firstly, it is judged from the appearance that the carbomer should be a pure white loose powder. If the color is darker, it means that the product is not pure enough and contains color impurities. The second is to judge from the touch. Pom should be very light. If the powder is relatively compact, it means that the degree of polymerization is not uniform, so that the shear resistance, gel transparency, and thickening properties are relatively poor. In addition, if you want to check the transparency, after dissolving it in water or ethanol, observe the transparency. If the gel is turbid and has poor light transmittance, the product quality is not good enough.


Desheng Technology is professional and rigorous in the production and R&D of Carbomer. The most sold models are Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980. The inspection reports for both products are complete. Carbomer strictly complies with national standards and is gradually The standards of the international first-class product company are close, and the product quality is trusted by many customers. The gel has high transparency and can replace imports. Welcome to order and consult!