Can bleach destroy the effects of luminol?

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Luminol, also known as luminol, is a yellow crystal or yellow powder at room temperature. It is a relatively stable chemical reagent. It has a wonderful effect and can react with heme. Luminol will emit blue-green fluorescence once it comes into contact with hemoglobin. Even the bloodstains of the past many years can be detected by the residual hemoglobin in the bloodstains. Therefore, in many criminal investigations, the chemical luminol is often used. Luminescent reagents.


Many people will ask if they see this, is luminol so powerful? If the blood stain is washed and wiped off, can it still be detected? The answer is yes, even blood stains after repeated washings can be detected by luminol.


Regarding this issue, someone has raised a deeper question, that is, using bleach to clean blood stains, the impact of bleach on site will interfere with the use of luminol. Because luminol also has a fluorescent reaction with bleach, if the site is cleaned with bleach, once luminol is sprinkled, it will emit violent fluorescence, which will interfere with our judgment of the presence of blood stains. But in essence, the fluorescence produced by bleaching agent is different from the fluorescence produced by blood stains, because the luminescence caused by blood stains appears gradually, while the light caused by bleaching agents flashes quickly. Even if there is a certain difference between the two, it is only very different. Only experienced professionals can distinguish between the two. Therefore, bleaching has a destructive effect on the detection of luminol blood stains.


In addition to being widely used in criminal investigation cases, luminol also plays a great role in the fields of bioengineering and chemical tracing. In biology, luminol is also used to detect copper, iron and cyanide in cells. exist.


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