Desheng has its own characteristics in the advantages of the chromogen substrate MAOS

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Chroma MAOS (CAS 82692-97-5) may not know you to say it, but in fact it is more common in our lives. Because it is widely used in clinical testing and biochemical kits.


Especially now that the material conditions are extremely rich, due to overnutrition, lack of exercise and other reasons, wealth diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia have also become popular. And monitoring and diagnosis and treatment of these diseases have become particularly important. Among them is our MAOS, because it is the core material that can be used to match blood glucose test strips, total cholesterol test strips and triglyceride test strips with blood glucose meters. What are the advantages of Seyuan MAOS? Why choose Desheng's Chroma MAOS? The answer is revealed below for you.


1. High molar absorption intensity

Because the molar absorption intensity of the MAOS color reaction is relatively high, its sensitivity is also relatively high. However, it should be noted that MAOS will fade when the detection time is too long, so MAOS detection must be completed in time and cannot be interrupted.


2. Wide range of PH value

The color reaction of MAOS chromogenic substrate has a wide range of adaptability to the pH of the reaction system, which greatly improves its adaptability. The reaction of some color reagents is often under acidic conditions, but biochemical testing usually requires the participation of enzymes. We know that the catalysis of enzymes is more sensitive to the pH of the reaction environment, and does not match the color reagents. Inactivation will be greatly restricted in use, but MAOS reagent does not have this problem.


3. High absorption wavelength

The absorption wavelength of the chromogen MAOS is higher, reaching 630nm, and it is less interfered by other substances in serum or other samples. It can be used for detection items that require high precision values, which will greatly reduce interference.


Desheng MAOS advantage

1. The MAOS produced by Desheng has high water solubility, high purity ≥99%, high sensitivity, and stable process. It can ensure that the appearance of the product is pure white crystalline powder, and the stock is sufficient, and samples are provided;


2. The price of MAOS has a great advantage compared with other manufacturers. The products can also be sub-packaged according to the needs of customers, and the sub-assembly process is strict. It is carried out at a professional sub-assembly station. The sub-assembly station is kept clean. The sub-assembly personnel must bring it once. For the packaging of sex gloves, rigor is a work attitude and a responsibility for strict control of product quality;


3. Good after-sales service, actively solve various problems encountered in the transaction process, ensure that the interests of customers are not lost, promise to unconditionally return and exchange partitions with task quality problems, and truly satisfy customers and achieve the goal of win-win cooperation;


4. In terms of storage, MAOS is sensitive to light and humidity. Therefore, when we store, the storage temperature of refrigeration is between 0-10℃, and the temperature of frozen storage is below 0℃.