Where can I buy high-quality and inexpensive biological buffers

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Biological buffer is a solution that can keep the pH of the solution relatively stable when a small amount of acid or alkali is added. It is usually a solution composed of a weak acid and its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid buffer pair. Most cells It can only perform activities in a very narrow pH range, and requires a buffer system to resist pH changes that occur during metabolism. Buffers are widely used in the biochemical field, so what characteristics should a good biological buffer have? Where can we buy it?




The characteristics of a good biological buffer:

1. Higher water solubility

2. Good chemical stability

3. Good buffering capacity in the required pH range

4. Good compatibility with analysis and experimental application conditions

5. Good compatibility with other solutes


Where can I buy good biological buffers?

Hubei New Desheng Materials specializes in the research and development and production of biological buffers. It has been established for decades. The biological buffer products currently produced include a series of biological buffers such as TRIS, HEPES, TAPS, MOPS, CAPS, BICINE, EPPS, PEP, etc. Available for customers to choose. It has professional advantages in terms of product quality, delivery speed and after-sales. The concentration of the required buffer can be freely adjusted according to customer needs, so that you can purchase without worry.


Why do customers choose to come to Desheng to buy biological buffers

1. Desheng company can provide free samples of biological buffers (such as TRIS, HEPES, etc.) for customers to try.

2. Desheng company can customize products according to customer needs.

3. Desheng's product quality and price will be more advantageous than third-party suppliers.

4. Desheng's products have good after-sales service, and can quickly help customers with their later problems and needs.

5. Desheng company has high production efficiency, sufficient stock in warehouse and fast delivery speed.

6. Desheng company has a multi-storey factory building, which can be used by customers for on-site inspections, so that customers can be more assured.


As a manufacturer specializing in the production of biological buffers, Hubei New Desheng Material Co., Ltd. can customize product specifications and after-sales service according to customer needs, and Desheng company can provide professional testing services and packaging customization services to more special customers. In any case, Desheng Company must be your best choice for purchasing biological buffers.