Desheng Bio's first quality management training in 2021

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In March of Yangchun, the spring is bright and beautiful, and the flowers are fragrant. In order to fully implement the company's 2021 "Four Understandings" (understanding the law, understanding the rules and standards, understanding the products, understanding the skills), on April 20th, Desheng Biotechnology held a two-year event. Tian's first quality management training in 2021, this training is mainly for the heads of various departments and the leaders and deputy leaders of the quality management team.


At 2 pm on the 20th, the training officially started. First, Mr. Wang gave a detailed explanation on the history and current situation of ISO9001, and also discussed the scope of the standard, normative reference documents, terminology and definitions, quality management system, management responsibilities, Contents such as resource management, product realization, measurement analysis and improvement were explained in detail, and combined with the actual situation of the company, the problems and deficiencies in the company's quality management work were put forward. Then, the team leaders of each team gave a more detailed explanation based on the management responsibilities, resource management, product realization and measurement, analysis and improvement in the company’s existing quality management manual. Liang Can, the production manager, combined with the real existence in actual work, And there are often cases that interact with the trainer, which makes the boring training more vivid.


After the training, the host also organized a discussion after the training. The head of the department made a statement on the actual problems encountered in the work and the discrepancies in the quality manual. The relevant departments coordinated the parts that can be adjusted in the system. Issues that could not be resolved in time during the meeting were also highlighted and discussed further when the quality manual was actually revised.


Unknowingly, the two-day training is over, and everyone seems to be unfulfilled. After all, the regulations and systems are professional and boring. It is indeed not realistic if you want to fully understand the true meaning of ISO9001 in two days, but this time The training opened the prelude to the quality management work of Desheng Company, and also planted the seeds of quality management for all Jiyuan people. I believe that in the near future, this seed will surely take root, germinate, grow, and grow into a big tree. tree. At that time, the quality management work must have been integrated into the blood of Jiyuan people and Jiyuan products.