Current status of in vitro diagnostic reagents

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In vitro diagnosis is actually based on in vitro detection, which is also the basis of clinical diagnosis, because 80% of clinical diagnosis is in vitro diagnosis, and the cost of in vitro diagnosis is relatively low compared with other ones, accounting for only about 20% of medical expenses, so it is necessary to vigorously develop in vitro diagnosis in China, but from the current situation in China. In other words, it is inversely proportional to the desired results.

Although in vitro diagnosis has developed relatively late in China, it accounts for only about 2% of the world's population, which is inversely proportional to China's share of the world's population. The benefits of in vitro diagnosis are obvious, but why is it developing so slowly in China?


First, it comes from inertia. It is always uncomfortable to adapt something to change again. This discomfort will also bring about slow development. On the other hand, the reason is that there is no relevant technology in China that can reach the same level or similar level as the developed countries in the world, which makes many medical enterprises who want to use in vitro diagnostic technology have to rely on imports, and the problems brought by imports are self-evident - expensive, which naturally makes many enterprises on. Look back!


Although many enterprises have made efforts in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents, such as Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. relying on solid research and development technology, we have produced a variety of different types of in vitro diagnostic reagent products, which brings good news to many domestic enterprises, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of quality. What's more, the preferential price makes many enterprises no longer have to use imported reagents!