Desheng tells you what advantages carbomer has in lithium batteries!

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Carbomer (carbomer) is an important polyacrylic thickener. It is a high molecular polymer crosslinked by acrylic acid or acrylic ester and allyl ether. Its components include polyacrylic acid (homopolymer) and acrylic acid/ C10-30 Alkyl acrylate cross-linked copolymer (copolymer). As a water-soluble rheology modifier, it has high-efficiency thickening and suspension properties as a water-soluble rheology-modifying thickener, and it is more and more widely used in coatings, textiles, pharmaceuticals, construction, detergents and cosmetics.


The application of carbomer in the field of personal care and medicine is well-known to everyone, but there is one application that few people know about, that is, the application in batteries. In real life, it is difficult to compare carbomer with Batteries are linked together, but if you read the following, you will know why carbomer resin can be used as an additive in batteries.


Binder is an important part of the positive and negative electrodes of lithium-ion batteries and has a direct impact on battery performance. Carbomer resin is mainly used as an additive in lithium-ion battery cathodes to affect slurry adhesion, battery polarization, interface impedance and cycle performance. The research results show that when carbomer resin is used in the positive electrode of lithium-ion battery, the peeling strength of the pole piece increases, and the polarization of the battery becomes smaller. The impedance of the electrolytic solution/electrode surface bell film and the electric double layer is significantly reduced, and the battery’s Cycle performance is improved.


The results of the study found that by adding different proportions of carbomer resin to the lithium-ion battery, the porosity of the pole piece is higher after the kaohm resin is added to the positive electrode, the peeling strength between the pole piece dressing and the electrode fluid increases, and the adhesion performance is significant After the pole piece is soaked in the electrolyte, the force between the pole piece dressing and the electrode fluid will not be destroyed by the electrolyte. As the carbomer resin content in the positive electrode is gradually added, the polarization of the battery will be improved. The impedance of the passivation film and the electric double layer on the battery electrode surface of the carbomer resin is significantly reduced, and the cycle performance of the battery is improved.


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