What is the saturation of Tris, Hepes and other biological buffers at 0℃

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Biological buffers have different degrees of saturation. Saturation means that the solution of a certain substance cannot dissolve more of the substance. Some of these biological buffers have very low saturation points, while Hepes, for example, saturate at higher concentrations. In this article, our company will share the saturation concentration of some biological buffers at 0℃ and other data for everyone to discuss.


Buffer    concentration (M)      Buffer range

ACES            0.22                        6.1-7.5

CAPS            0.47                        9.7-11.1

MES              0.65                        5.5-6.7

MOPSO        0.75                        6.2-7.6

BICINE         1.10                         7.6-9.0

CHES           1.14                         8.6-10.0

HEPES         2.25                        6.8-8.2

PIPES          2.30                        6.1-7.5

TRIS            2.40                        7.2-9.0

TES             2.60                        6.8-8.2

MOPS         3.00                        6.5-7.9

BES            3.20                        6.4-7.8

HEPPS       4.58                        7.3-8.7


Most biological buffers are known for their excellent water solubility. In fact, this was determined in 1960 when Dr. Norman Good’s team developed some compounds. However, the water solubility of each buffer is very different. I will also share some data on the solubility of biological buffers in water below.


Buffer     buffer range     Solubility

MES        5.5-6.7       10g/100ml

BIS-TRIS     5.8-7.2      20g/100ml

PIPES       6.1-7.5       not very soluble in water and becomes soluble when the pH is higher than 7.

MOPSO       6.2-7.6      10g/100ml

MOPS         6.5-7.9      10g/100ml

HEPES        6.8-8.2       70.36g/100ml

TRIS          7.2-9.0       40g/100ml

TRIS-HCL      7.2-9.0       8g/100ml

BICINE        7.6-9.0        16g/100ml

TAPS    7.7-9.1      5g/100ml

CAPSO   8.9-10.3     12g/100ml

CAPS     9.7-11.1     5g/100ml

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