"Entering the World of Quality"-Desheng Science and Technology Quality Cultural Activity Festival in 2021

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Do you know? In the organizational structure of Desheng Technology, there is an important department that runs through the management of the entire company-the Quality Department. As a whole industry chain company integrating production, R&D, and sales, Desheng Technology has always put quality management at the top of daily management. From R&D to production to sales, every step is a quality output management process. . On April 14, 2021, Desheng Technology held this year's Quality Cultural Activity Festival. In this event, Desheng’s friends demonstrated the importance of quality through a variety of activities on the spot. Quality work has only a starting point and no end.


01 Two training sessions of "Quality Awareness" and "GMP Knowledge"

Through the two trainings of "Quality Awareness" and "GMP Knowledge", each of Desheng Technology's small partners has a brand new understanding of "quality". The lecturer thoroughly explained the importance of quality management by citing examples from all aspects, and explained in a simple way. The scientific requirements of quality management and the logical theory were told to everyone. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, everyone actively asked questions, and the emphasis on "quality" was deepened. The site was full of a strong quality culture atmosphere.


02Quality Awareness Mini Game

Everyone actively participated in the game and improved their quality awareness through this game. In the connection game, we have established the concept that the next player is the customer. When chatting with customers, pay attention to the way of expression, have quality and content, and ensure that the words spoken are valuable, so that customers can give us affirmation.


03Wonderful debate

Understand that quality is closely related to our lives. A wonderful debate game further allowed everyone to understand the meaning of quality. Topic: Does high quality increase costs or reduce costs. Both the pros and the opponents used their own powerful logical abilities to prove their own views, and they were even fighting each other. The thoughts of the audience were completely brought into it, and everyone began to proactively think about whether high quality is to increase or reduce costs.


Desheng Technology has established a 360° total quality management system that runs through R&D, procurement, production and service, so that every step of the production process has strict control standards and traceable management. In the production process, the SOP of the product runs through each operation link, the key quality control points of the process are carefully controlled throughout the process, and the production procedures are strictly followed to provide customers with small batch differences and high stability diagnostic reagent raw materials.


Through the development of this quality cultural activity, we will guide everyone to pay attention to quality, cultivate good working habits, enhance quality awareness, and cultivate the concept of close integration of quality and personal development, and we must stick to it for a long time, strictly control product quality, and resolutely put an end to unqualified products Flowing into the market, this is the most valuable asset of Desheng's sustainable and stable development in the future!