Desheng tells you how heparin lithium is produced

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Brief description

Lithium heparin is a commonly used anticoagulant with CAS No. 9045-22-1. The appearance is white powder. It is mainly used for blood tests and has obvious effects.


Lithium heparin specifications


Production Process

It is mainly based on crude heparin as raw material, after purification, ion exchange is carried out with lithium salt products to obtain the high-quality product. Then the enzyme is immobilized to enhance the activity of the enzyme, and its enzymatic hydrolysis effect is more sufficient. After simplification, impurities can be removed, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. Including the following steps:

1. Dissolution: Dissolve the crude heparin in water, keep it warm and stir at a constant speed;

2. Trypsin pretreatment: Dissolve in deionized water, stir vigorously, heat up, and add ammonia water. The pH value of the reaction process needs to be controlled, and the precipitate is washed with absolute ethanol, and finally dried under vacuum for use.

3. Enzymatic hydrolysis: add trypsin to the reaction solution, adjust the pH value, reach a certain temperature for enzymatic hydrolysis, filter to obtain the filtrate, weigh the filtrate, and collect the trypsin.

4. Oxidation: Add H2O2 to the filtrate in step 3, and adjust the value continuously, and adjust the PH value during oxidation;

5. Dissolve: Add sodium chloride to step 4 and stir to dissolve it.

6. Ion exchange: the filtrate obtained in step 5 is passed through the column with ion exchange resin, the effluent is collected, lithium salt is added, and the mixture is stirred to dissolve.

7. Ultrafiltration to remove salt and water: use nanofiltration membrane to concentrate and collect the concentrated liquid.

8. Precipitation and drying The concentrated solution obtained in step 7 is precipitated with ethanol, the supernatant liquid is sucked off, and washed repeatedly until it becomes hard particles, and then dried in a vacuum and crushed by a ball mill to obtain a high-quality lithium heparin.


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