The purpose and use of carbomer

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The English name of carbomer is carbomer, which is an excellent rheology regulator. Carbomer appears more in the eyes of the public, it should be in the ingredients of daily chemical products. Although its most uses are indeed in daily chemicals, it also has applications in many other fields. The use of carbomer will be described below.


Uses of Carbomer:

1. Industrial field: Carbomer is used as a scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment. It is mostly used to prevent scaling in circulating cooling water systems such as power plants, steel plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, oil refineries and air conditioning systems. Carbomer can also be used as a rheology modifier in water-based coatings, as a negative electrode gelling agent in alkaline batteries, and as a gelling agent in solid fuel glue.


2. Medical field: Carbomer can be used as pharmaceutical excipients, as well as thickeners, suspending agents and adhesives in pharmaceuticals. It can also be used as a matrix material and retarder for sustained-release preparations, as a film coating material in solid preparations, and as a lotus agent in color Doppler ultrasound.


3. Daily chemical field: Carbomer has the most applications in the daily chemical field, including gel water, facial mask, cream, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, laundry detergent, and aloe gel. Basically, it is used as a suspending agent and thickening agent.


Regarding the use of carbomer, there are currently two collected methods, as shown below.

How to use Carbomer:

1. Direct method

a Slowly sift the carbomer into the rapidly stirring water to make it fully dispersed;

b Stir constantly and pour the water phase into the oil phase;

c Neutralize with a suitable base (in some cases, neutralization is recommended to be completed after the fourth step);

d Quick mixing reduces the size of the particles, and a shiny product can be obtained. The homogenization method can be used, but high-speed shearing can make the emulsion unstable.

2. Indirect method

a Disperse the polymer emulsifier in the oil phase and stir continuously until a smooth and uniform dispersion is formed;

b Add an appropriate amount of alkali as a neutralizer to the water;

c Under vigorous stirring, add the oil phase to the water phase and continue stirring until a white emulsion is formed.


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