Luminol is almost in his twilight years? Desheng takes you to learn more about Luminol

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Luminol can be regarded as an ancient product in terms of chemiluminescence. Now more and more new and more sensitive chemiluminescence detection reagents have been developed. Therefore, it is often said that the market for luminol has become more and more Small, no future. So is it true? Today, we will take you to learn more about products like luminol.


In 1928, albreacht discovered the chemiluminescence phenomenon of luminol, which was an important milestone in the history of chemiluminescence. Nowadays, luminol has the advantages of high quantum yield, easy synthesis, good water solubility, and stable properties. It has become one of the most widely used chemiluminescent reagents and is widely used in various fields including immunodiagnosis and non-immunoanalysis. .

Not only is it widely used in immunodiagnosis, luminol can also be used for carboxylic acid and ammonia compound labeling, metal ion detection, but also for criminal investigation bloodstain detection. The sensitivity is very high. In fact, it is benzidine that has been used for blood detection. However, because benzidine and its salts are toxic and carcinogenic substances, and its solids and vapors can easily enter the body through the skin, this method has been gradually abandoned. Later, there are some people who have come, and the German crime scene identification experts are inadvertently It was discovered that luminol will fluoresce when it comes into contact with blood. After that, Western countries began to study the mechanism. Up to now, luminol reagent has become the most widely used star reagent in bloodstain surveys in various countries.


Luminol can be oxidized by a variety of oxidants, and the oxidation product will absorb the energy generated in the reaction to generate excited state 3-aminophthalate ion, which returns from an unstable high-energy state to a low-energy state, reducing the energy It is released in the form of light to produce chemiluminescence. Since the chemiluminescence reaction of some oxides and luminol luminescence system is very slow, some catalysts (such as horseradish peroxidase) are added during use, which can make the reaction very rapid. The detection process of luminol is labeling-cleaning-luminescent substrate (hydrogen peroxide)-luminescence.

In recent years, with the emergence of new chemiluminescent reagents, the luminol market has indeed been hit. However, while its enzyme immunoassay market is shrinking, its chemiluminescence detection market is further expanding. Currently, a system composed of luminol and oxides can detect at least 60 analytes. Therefore, the current market of luminol is not in its twilight years, it's just that it is ebb and flow, and the key areas of application are changing.


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