How much potency of heparin sodium is suitable for blood vessel harvesting?

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The price of heparin sodium has always been the concern of vascular production enterprises, so how much of the price is normal, can be used in vascular collection? As far as anticoagulant blood vessel harvesting is concerned, the potency of heparin sodium has a certain influence on the effect, but as far as the normal range of use is concerned, it has already been reflected in various systems.

In fact, even crude heparin sodium has blood anticoagulant effect, but as an additive in blood collection, it is impossible to add crude heparin sodium directly. The extracted heparin sodium is powder-like, and its appearance color belongs to white, so it can be directly sprayed in the wall of blood collection after dissolving in water to prepare solvent. Reverse blood vessel harvesting can give full play to the role of heparin sodium.



What is the price of normal heparin sodium vasculature additive manufacturer? Generally 160IU/mg, of course, the extraction with limited technical capacity may be a little lower. When producing heparin sodium, Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. usually communicates with customers in advance to see what kind of heparin sodium is needed. Desheng develops and produces four kinds of heparin sodium, 150 IU/mg, 160IU/mg, 170IU/mg and 180 IU/mg. For different needs, different heparin sodium is produced.


Of course, it is impossible for all heparin sodium to be directly poured into blood vessels for use. Generally, one ml of blood corresponds to 20IU of heparin sodium, which is the most commonly used. More will cause adverse reactions, less will cause no anticoagulant effect. Therefore, it is reasonable to take the median value of 20IU, which is also a combination of DeSheng Biochemical Technology and many enterprises. Additional experience gained.


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