Does VTM virus transport media inactivate virus samples?

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VTM virus transport media is a liquid medium additive for virus samples in sampling tubes, so that the samples used for nucleic acid testing will not change during transportation and storage. Generally, there are two situations in which the inactivated virus retains the nucleic acid and the intact virus. There are differences in whether the VTM can inactivate the virus in different places.


The difference between VTM solution in different places:

In some areas at home and abroad, VTM preservation solutions are generally marked as inactivated or activated, so there are both inactivated and activated types. In some areas, VTM solution refers to the activated virus transport media. The full name is virus transport medium or viral transport media, which specifically refers to the transport medium of viruses, rather than the transport medium of nucleic acids. The virus transport media that retains nucleic acid molecules becomes the MTM solution.



VTM virus transport media

VTM solution is used for nucleic acid detection:

The VTM preservation solution is designed to transport and culture complete viable microorganisms or virus samples, which can better retain the original characteristics of the virus, so there is still a biological hazard. However, as long as the detection environment is well controlled and protected, pre-processed in the BLS-III or BLS-II security level, and operated in a dedicated laboratory. In addition, since the samples are live, cold chain storage and transportation are required after sampling.


The standard UTM preservation solution is also used to retain complete virus samples, but it is a general-purpose preservation solution. Compared with the VTM preservation solution, it is more targeted. It also adds a protein protective agent to protect the protein coat of the virus and nuclease inhibition The agent prevents nucleic acid degradation.


Instructions for using VTM preservation solution:

Unlike the inactivated storage solution that only needs to retain the viral nucleic acid RNA, the virus retained by the activated VTM storage solution is a live virus. If stored or transported in vitro, the environmental temperature requirement is higher than that of the MTM. The sample can be It should be submitted for inspection as soon as possible within 48 hours at ambient temperature. If it is stored at a low temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, it should be tested within a week as much as possible. At the same time, its transportation also has cold chain requirements, which must be operated in a special safe room for testing, and there are also requirements for three types of facilities and equipment.


Of course, because the VTM preservation solution retains the intact virus, it can be used for virus epitope detection or other experiments in addition to nucleic acid detection. In addition, part of Desheng’s VTM preservation solution is provided to the domestic market. There are two types, inactivated and non-inactivated, and they are marked separately. Please pay attention to the type of preservation solution when purchasing. In addition to VTM, UTM, and MTM, some manufacturers use other names or use trade names, brand names, etc. for the convenience of virus transport media.