How much do you know about the application of HEPES and carbomer in skin care products

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Nowadays, cosmetics and skin care products have become indispensable for ladies. Makeup is necessary when going out, otherwise there will be a "streaking" feeling. I don’t know if you love makeup, have you ever understood the ingredients of the skin care products you are using If you look closely at the table, you will find that there are two very important ingredients in the skin care products applied on the face every day, one is carbomer and the other is HEPES, so what exactly do these two chemicals play in skin care products? What kind of role? The editor of Desheng is here to give a simple answer.

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Application of HEPES in skin care products

In addition to its application in some skin care products, HEPES also has its presence in many water-based, lotion-like, and clean cosmetics. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. HEPES has the advantages of being safe to the human body, non-toxic, good physiological compatibility, and stable chemical properties. HEPES can stabilize the PH range of skin care products for a long time, better maintain the activity of microbial fermentation product extracts, and make the product continue to have anti-aging effects It takes a long time, so it is often used as a stabilizer and active agent in cosmetics.


2. HEPES is a commonly used penetration enhancer, which can promote the transdermal absorption of various functional components in cosmetics. Compared with azone enhancers, it has the characteristics of short onset time, less dosage and high penetration rate. In addition, in some big-name cosmetics such as L'Oreal, Lancome, etc.

3. HEPES has the effect of softening keratin, promoting cell metabolism, interacting with other ingredients, can gently remove old keratinocytes, effectively promote the renewal of basal cells, achieve smooth, soft skin, and brighten skin.


The application of carbomer in skin care products

The application of carbomer in care products is mainly manifested in its dispersion in water. It can be neutralized by alkaline substances to form a very transparent gel. It is a high-quality cosmetic thickener raw material. It has thickening, Suspension, emulsification and pseudothixotropy, it is a rheology modification thickener widely used in cosmetics.


1. Carbomer has good transparency in cosmetics, and the importance of transparency is needless to say. A product that is easy to use and has a high value is obviously more popular with consumers.


2. Carbomer has good compatibility with PH. It can be used whether acidic, neutral or alkaline. Carbomer has a thickening effect in a wide pH range. Carbomer is a good gel The gel matrix can be applied to skin care products with different pH values, making it possible for skin care products with different skin types and pH requirements.


3. In a very low dosage (normal dosage 0.25-0.5%), it can produce high-efficiency thickening effect, thereby preparing emulsions, creams, gels and transdermal preparations with a wide viscosity range and different rheological properties. Points are very important, and high usage will greatly increase procurement costs.


4. Carbomer has high rheological properties, which can permanently suspend insoluble components in a low-concentration system, making the product uniform and stable, while other thickeners such as cellulose cannot provide suspension.


This is the end of the application of HEPES and Carbomer in skin care products. If you have any other questions about the product, you can contact the customer service of Desheng official website for online communication or direct telephone contact. Desheng is the direct manufacturer of HEPES and Carbomer. , Have professional answering ability.