Carbomer and HEPES meet in skin care products

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For us now, skin care products from children to the elderly are things that will be used. It’s just that some people pay attention to skin care, and some people don’t pay so much attention to it. However, we are using it regardless of whether it attaches importance or not. This has basically become a necessity in daily life. But do you really know what ingredients are contained in the skin care products we use? I dare not say anything else, but I still know a little about the role of Carbomer and HEPES in skin care products.



The role of HEPES in skin care products:

1. HEPES can be used as a cosmetic penetration enhancer

It can promote the absorption of nutrients in cosmetics without entering the subcutaneous tissue and circulation in the human body, which not only overcomes the skin stimulation of the penetration enhancer in the prior art, but also takes effect quickly and has high penetration enhancement efficiency.


2. HEPES can soften skin keratin and promote cell renewal

HEPES, a weak acid system, is similar to macromolecular fruit acid, which has the effect of softening cutin and promoting cell metabolism. It interacts with other ingredients to gently remove old keratinocytes, effectively promote basal cell renewal, and achieve smooth, soft skin and brighten skin tone.


3. HEPES can stabilize the PH range of skin care products for a long time

Better maintain the activity of the microbial fermentation product extract, so that the product has a long anti-aging effect.


4. HEPES has the effect of synergistic sun protection and strengthening the skin barrier

The Xiuli Ke revitalizing and repairing essence, which is popular with sensitive skin, and Ke Yan's night renewing cream, because of the addition of HEPES, play a full role in improving rough skin texture and relieving large pores.



The role of carbomer in skin care products:

①It does not irritate human skin and eyes. After a lot of research, it is found that it is safer than salt. It has been used for more than 50 years;

②The shampoo has high-efficiency and long-lasting suspension stability. The acrylic resin cross-linked polymer can improve the suspension of silicone oil. Compared with cellulose and guar gum, it has higher suspension stability;

③Improve foam stability in low foam system;

④It has salt resistance. The acrylic resin adhesive cross-linked copolymer can still maintain a higher viscosity in a system with salt, and is less affected by the pH value of the solution or electrolyte concentration, and has a wider range of applications;

⑤Easy to use, short wetting time, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and time;

⑥ Good antiseptic performance, not easy to be decomposed by microorganisms, and easy to store;

⑦It has excellent rheology, can adjust the viscosity of the product, improve the thixotropy of the gel system, and improve the stability of the product.


Skin care products integrate the performance between them, allowing us to intuitively feel the good and bad they bring us during use. This is also related to the carbomer and HEPES products themselves. The carbomer 980 produced by Desheng is whiter and more fluffy than on the market, and has better transparency after dissolution. The purity of HEPES: >99%, good water solubility, stable process, and can ensure the appearance of the product is pure white crystalline powder.