Behind the figure of 100,000 liters of Desheng virus preservation liquid

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Due to the arduous delivery task this morning, all employees worked together to help deliver the goods. They were suddenly shocked by a number. The colleague in charge of the delivery told Desheng that the virus preservation solution had sold 1 million liters. I can’t believe it until the final analysis and summary, and the reason why Desheng virus transport media is trusted by customers is summarized as follows.



1. The quality of  Desheng virus transport media is guaranteed

Nucleic acid testing is undoubtedly a big business opportunity for the majority of merchants. Some manufacturers take advantage of this enthusiasm and provide them to customers regardless of whether the product quality is good or not. As a result, there are many types of products that are qualified but few are qualified, so why the phenomenon of "false negatives" is increasing many. Desheng invested a lot of time, manpower and materials in the virus preservation solution to ensure that the product quality is correct before launching, so it quickly seized the market and gained high recognition from customers.


2. Successfully developed virus transport media during the epidemic

During the epidemic, at the most difficult moment of nucleic acid detection tasks, Desheng successfully developed and produced virus preservation solutions, carbomers and other key products urgently needed by the epidemic. The quality and service have been trusted by many customers and sales continue to rise step by step. Sheng's inactivated and non-inactivated virus preservation solutions help nucleic acid detection and contribute a meager effort to epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it works with foreign customers to help global epidemic prevention and control.



3. Ensure the high quality of the virus transport media raw materials

Highly responsible virus preservation liquid manufacturers can not only fulfill their promises, but also ensure that the facts are described without exaggeration, such as the strict selection of raw materials to prevent fraud. The irresponsible manufacturers will only exaggerate to promote the order. In this process, the customer should keep his eyes open and distinguish right from wrong.


4. Recommended by old customers

As the saying goes, the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. After using Desheng's virus preservation liquid, many customers feel very satisfied with the quality and price, and then recommend them to other customers. Sheng's reputation continues to spread in the industry, and the number of customers has gradually increased. The virus transport media has increased with the increase in the demand for nucleic acid testing. Many customers have repurchased on a monthly basis, and the purchase volume is very large .


The reason why Desheng virus transport media has sold 1 million liters is that it is not easy for any company to make a good product. Behind the beautiful sales figures are the sweat and effort of countless people. If you happen to have virus preservation liquid For purchase needs, you can contact customer service on the official website to receive free samples. The quota is limited, first come first served!