How to choose the virus sampling tube transport media correctly?

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On January 6, Shijiazhuang Passenger Terminal issued a notice that the passenger terminal was temporarily suspended due to the local epidemic, and the entire Gaocheng District of Shijiazhuang City was adjusted to a high-risk area. Shijiazhuang has fully initiated nucleic acid testing to ensure early detection, early reporting, and early isolation , Early treatment. So far, 52,784 nucleic acid tests have been completed in Shijiazhuang City. The current form of prevention and control of the new coronavirus is still very severe.


As the first step of nucleic acid detection, the importance of sample collection and preservation is undoubtedly important. For a long time, almost all virus preservation solutions on the market directly preserve live viruses, in fact, they are activated virus transport media. As a result, medical personnel in sampling, transportation and testing are facing a higher risk of infection. In response to this situation, the front line of anti-epidemic needs a sample preservation solution that can directly inactivate the virus, which can greatly improve the safety of sample collection and transportation. Sex.


Desheng virus transport media 5L packaging


However, it should be noted that while inactivating the virus, the preservation solution should also consider whether the integrity of the viral nucleic acid can be stably preserved, so as to avoid degradation of the nucleic acid in the sample before the test, resulting in "false negative" nucleic acid testing. This article compares the virus preservation solution on the market with the virus transport media developed by our company. Let us take a look at their preservation effect.


Below, we use data to speak, using  virus transport media  produced and developed by other companies and ourselves to store RNA viruses at 37°C.


It was found that after 1-7 days of storage, the Ct value of the viral nucleic acid stored in the inactivated virus transport media of our company did not change significantly, indicating that the viral nucleic acid was stable and not degraded, while the Ct of the viral nucleic acid stored in the preservation solution of other companies The value increases significantly as the number of days increases, and the preservation effect is significantly weaker than our preservation solution. From the point of view of the storage efficiency of viral RNA, the same conditions are 37℃. After 1-7 days of storage, using our company's storage solution, the storage efficiency of viral nucleic acid is basically constant at 100%.


The inactivated virus transport media exclusively developed by our company entrusted by university experts contains special protein denaturants and nucleic acid stabilizers. The protein denaturants can quickly destroy the secondary structure of the virus coat protein and inactivate the virus. The nucleic acid stabilizer can Stable storage of viral nucleic acid at room temperature without degradation. It can be stored stably at 37°C for 7 days, which is very conducive to the preservation of samples for nucleic acid testing of new coronavirus. The current form of new coronavirus is still severe. Desheng will continue to assist nucleic acid testing and strive for human health. .