Application introduction of TOPS color reagent (CAS40567-80-4)

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The full Chinese name of TOPS (CAS No. 40567-80-4) is N-ethyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)-3-methylaniline sodium salt, which is a white to slightly brown powder, belonging to A member of the color reagent family. When used as a water-soluble reagent, it can be used to determine hydrogen peroxide by enzymatic photometry. TOPS is widely used because of its good water solubility, high sensitivity, and strong stability.


TOPS application introduction

You may think that this name has little to do with our daily lives. In fact, many people have done biochemical tests in the hospital, that is, liver function, kidney function, uric acid, cholesterol and other tests. Most of these tests are carried out by automatic biochemical analyzers, uric acid analyzers, etc. with corresponding kits. Like TOOS, TOPS can also be used for uric acid detection in renal function kits. In addition, TOPS is also commonly used For liver function series free fatty acid test and renal function series creatinine test.


TOPS detection method

In clinical testing, first collect venous blood from the test subject. The subject should be fasted for 12 hours, preferably not drinking in the morning and 12 hours, and the blood collection tube should be disinfected. The detection of uric acid is to first catalyze the complete oxidation of uric acid with oxygen and water into allantoin, carbon dioxide and hydrogen peroxide H2O2 by uricase. H2O2 reacts with TOPS and 4-AAP under the catalysis of POD. TOPS is oxidized into a color product, and the absorbance is measured with a spectrophotometer. The absorbance is proportional to the content of uric acid for uric acid analysis. This is a typical two-step enzymatic reaction To measure the biochemical detection method.


Advantages of Desheng TOPS

1. TOPS produced by Desheng has purity ≥99%, moisture content ≤5%, iron content <5PPM, pH range 6-8, ignition residue ≤0.1%, test water solubility is 500mg/ml water, strictly in accordance with the industry Standard production


2. The price of TOPS has a great advantage compared with other manufacturers. The products can also be subpackaged according to customer needs, and the subassembly process is strict. It is carried out at a professional subassembly station. The subassembly station is kept clean, and the packaging personnel must bring it once For the packaging of sex gloves, rigor is a work attitude and a responsibility for strict control of product quality.


3. Good after-sales service, actively solve various problems encountered in the transaction process, ensure that the interests of customers are not lost, promise to unconditionally return and exchange partitions with task quality problems, and truly satisfy customers and achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.


Desheng Technology has more than ten years of R&D, production, and sales experience in the field of diagnostic raw materials, especially in the development and improvement of new Trinder's reagents of the aniline sodium salt derivative series. It carries out functional groups on the basis of traditional chromogenic substrates. The increase or decrease replaces, and the continuous optimization and performance improvement are made for the needs of clinical testing.