Effect of heparin lithium on blood anticoagulation

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With the development of society, human beings pursue not only the pursuit of material, but also the pursuit of healthy and enjoyable life. Therefore, medical research has spared no effort, and the most important test for human body has always been the blood test, which can directly detect many diseases of human body.

Blood testing must follow its original characteristics, and how to detect without destroying the original characteristics becomes the direction of research, and the emergence of heparin largely solves this problem, of course, human beings are still in-depth research, so that more stable and long-term reagents to ensure the integrity of blood testing.

Heparin lithium was introduced into China from the new western countries. Although it has not been used for a long time, it has been widely used in China. It mainly acts on blood anticoagulation in vitro. It is used in vacuum blood vessel collection. After patients come to hospital for blood collection, heparin lithium is used in blood anticoagulation in test tube to keep the blood in the blood. The original properties of liquid.

Normally, human blood will coagulate soon after leaving the body. The reason for this coagulation is that calcium ion chelates with fibrin in the blood. Heparin lithium uses polysaccharide peptide to consume calcium ion and keep the blood flowing all the time. Of course, this state is not permanent, but it is generally the same. For a certain period of time.

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