Warmly congratulate Desheng Chemical on successfully completing the installation of new equipment

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The magpie climbed the branch to rejoice, and the breeze blew the Liumanman pear. On June 15, 2020, Desheng Biochemical completed the equipment installation work under the desperation of Desheng. In the early stage of the epidemic, Desheng organized all the staff to carry out the work of plant renovation and equipment upgrade. Increasing production capacity expansion is our starting point, but it is not our end. We hope to provide quality products to more customers while ensuring product quality.

Production workshop

Affected by the epidemic, the company also suffered a lot of impact. Under the impact of the epidemic, the company not only did not lay off employees but also promised all employees to ensure that everyone was not dismissed and their salaries were not affected. In response to all employees actively expanding new fields, Desheng Chairman Wang Zhongxi continues to develop the main series of blood collection tube additives and develop new products nucleic acid detection raw material virus transport media and carbomer. Set up a network-wide marketing team for online promotion.

    Over the years, my country's carbomer industry has developed rapidly, and product output has continued to expand. National industrial policies have encouraged the carbomer industry to develop toward high-tech products, and domestic enterprises have gradually increased investment in new investment projects. Investors are paying more and more attention to the carbomer industry, which has increased the demand for carbomer industry development research.

    At present, my country's carbomer varieties are relatively complete, but compared with foreign advanced counterparts, there are still some gaps in production scale, process control and some products with special performance requirements, especially in process control and quality stability. Therefore, we will adopt a more advanced automatic control system in the next few years to ensure that the product process control can be kept consistent, thereby further improving the stability of product quality, especially the product quality strives to reach the level of foreign manufacturers, which is developed by Carbomer. The top priority is also fundamental.

    Carbomer is a high-molecular polymer formed by cross-linking acrylic acid with propylene sucrose or propylene pentaerythritol. It was first produced by Goodrich Corporation of America. Carbomer is an excellent new medicinal excipient, widely used in the research and production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Carbomer is mainly used as a base for thickeners, suspending agents, adhesives, gels, and matrix materials for controlled-release formulations in pharmaceuticals. Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980 are more in demand in the market, and are used in disposable sanitizer and hand sanitizer.

As early as mid-October 19, Desheng's chairman Wang Zhongxi and heads of various departments discussed and unanimously decided to organize a Carbomer R&D quality team to start R&D of small-scale production of Carbomer. After being affected by the epidemic, the production of Kaboom was in short supply. In order to cope with this problem, equipment was actively upgraded, and production technicians were recruited. With the united efforts, all problems were resolved. The production of Kaboom 940 and Kaboom 980 has been resumed. Supply Carbomer raw materials in time.