Uncover the mystery of enzyme preparations

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Enzymes are proteins with catalytic function (a very few are RNA). Enzyme preparations are directly extracted from animals and plants, or made by fermentation and extraction with traditional or genetically modified bacteria and fungi. They are used in biochemical experiments, food processing, etc. Biological agents with catalytic function.


There are many types of enzyme preparations. According to the nature of the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme, they can be divided into oxidoreductase, transferase, hydrolase, polymerase, isomerase, synthetase, and heterotopic enzyme (formerly hydrolase). Enzyme preparations are divided into carbohydrate enzymes, proteases, lipases, and other enzymes in application.


Enzyme preparations for biochemical experiments

Carbohydrates are commonly referred to as sugars, including glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, starch, cellulose and so on. The corresponding enzyme preparations include β-glucanase, sucrase, pectinase, lactase, α-amylase, β-amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase, etc.


Among them, amylase is a very widely used enzyme preparation. We chew rice or steamed buns repeatedly to produce sweetness because the salivary amylase in the mouth hydrolyzes part of the starch in the food. Alpha-amylase can cross the alpha-1,6 bond to hydrolyze the alpha-1,4 bond, quickly cut the starch molecule into short chain oligosaccharides, and make the starch liquid viscosity drop rapidly (liquefaction), so it is called liquefied amylase . Its hydrolyzed products include maltose, glucose and dextrin.


α-Amylase has good thermal stability. The optimum temperature for medium-temperature type is 60 degrees, and the high-temperature type can reach 90 degrees. It belongs to metal enzymes. The presence of calcium ions can enhance the stability of the enzyme. There are many sources, such as human saliva, pig pancreas, wheat, sorghum sprout, barley sprout, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus stearothermophilus and so on.


In addition to amylase, there are many other enzymes, such as cholesterol oxidase CHO for fat metabolism, uric acid for uric acid metabolism, glucose dehydrogenase for glucose metabolism, and lactic acid metabolism for lactic acid. Lactate dehydrogenase.

In biochemical testing and biochemical experiments, the oxidative luminescence of luminol and the oxidation of Trinder’s reagent require the catalysis of peroxidase, and the participation of thrombin in the coagulation test. Desheng's enzyme preparations are specially used in biochemical testing and biochemical experiments, and have better purity and activity than industrial enzyme preparations.