What issues should carbomer manufacturers pay attention to

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Carbomer is a particularly commonly used gel, suspending agent, and thickening agent. It is widely used in skin care lotions, creams, transparent gel products, disposable disinfectant gels, topical drug delivery systems, etc. Its application Mainly in terms of daily use, skin care, disinfectants, and pharmaceutical excipients. During the epidemic period, the demand was large and sales were relatively optimistic. Many large manufacturers were out of stock at one time. As more and more manufacturers joined the team, How to get out of the addiction among many manufacturers is a question that every Carbomer manufacturer needs to think about.


In the past, due to the epidemic, the supply of imported carbomers was limited. This has also created an excellent opportunity for the rise of domestic carbomer manufacturers, but it also faces many challenges. Although carbomer has great prospects in the future, it is not Not every company’s products can be recognized by the market. Since the start of production and sales of carbomer, Desheng has received strong support from many customers at home and abroad. Next, let’s take a look at how Desheng does it, and we will know the card. What issues should the Bohm manufacturer pay attention to?


1. Product quality improvement: Although there are many domestic manufacturers of carbomer, most of the product quality is still slightly inferior to imported products. The reasons are both technical and market aspects. Therefore, the current investment in product technology research and development is an urgent need to solve The problem is that Desheng is fully aware of these problems before setting up its own professional production base, upgrading the equipment, hiring professional scientific research personnel to repeat experiments, multi-party verification, and continuous testing of products until the final successful production of high-quality products that meet market needs .



2. Production capacity upgrade: Since carbomer products are mainly imported, domestic manufacturers supply less, and the entire production capacity is also relatively small. Now domestic and foreign demand is soaring, so rapid upgrade of production capacity is also very important. Desheng expands its plant and equipment in the shortest time, while also ensuring product quality and optimizing the process. This is also a major challenge.


3. Cost-effective products: When choosing to cooperate with carbomer raw material suppliers, the quotations provided by related companies are also important reference standards, especially when the demand for carbomer is large, the corresponding raw material purchases will also double. If the relevant carbomer supplier can provide a more competitive quotation, there will certainly be more room for maneuverability in terms of cost control. Desheng is the manufacturer of Carbomer, direct sales of raw materials. So compared with other traders, the product cost performance will be higher.


Faced with many challenges, Desun Technology organized its efforts to focus on the capacity expansion and upgrade project of Carbomer products. The investment in time, manpower and capital is obvious to all. After the R&D staff worked overtime, after many tests Complete the final test of Carbomer. All indexes of the carbomer raw materials produced are qualified and up to the standard, comparable to international brands, and its transparency is better compared with well-known brands, and it can also support different indicators for buyers to customize. Welcome to consult and purchase!