An indispensable ingredient in big-name cosmetics is HEPES

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In recent years, as consumers pay more attention to the ingredients of cosmetics and brands focus on ingredients, more and more cosmetic additives, such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, HEPES, etc., have come into the public eye. Today I will talk to you about HEPES, a common cosmetic ingredient.

Friends who follow the L'Oreal brand should be familiar with HEPES. Many of L'Oreal's products contain HEPES. Such as L'Oreal polishing water, small red bottle essence, small black bottle essence and so on. In addition, other big-name skin care products, such as YSL Night Queen Essence, Coyan's Night Renewing Cream, Lancome's moisturizing and soothing multi-effect night cream, also have HEPES. So what exactly is HEPES and what role does it play in cosmetics?


HEPES, Chinese name: hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid, this product is a zwitterionic buffer, belonging to good's buffer, widely used in cell culture media, IVD kits and other fields. Because it can control a constant pH range for a long time and is non-toxic to cells, it is also used as a commonly used cosmetic additive. The role of HEPES in cosmetics is manifested in the following aspects:

HEPES is called a new generation PH regulator

The pH value of HEPES adjustment solution ranges from 6.8 to 8.2, which is especially suitable for pH adjustment under physiological conditions. Therefore, in cosmetic solutions, balancing the properties of its more acidic counterparts is the main role of HEPES in cosmetics. .

HEPES can stabilize the PH range of skin care products for a long time, better maintain the activity of the microbial fermentation product extract, and make the product anti-aging effect lasting for a long time.

HEPES can be used as a cosmetic penetration enhancer

As we all know, cosmetics can only exert their skin care and beautifying effects only when they are fully absorbed. Adding penetration enhancers to cosmetics can promote the transdermal absorption of various functional components. HEPES is such a safe and efficient cosmetic penetration enhancer. It can promote the absorption of nutrients in cosmetics without entering the subcutaneous tissue and circulation in the human body. It not only overcomes the effect of penetration enhancers on the skin in the prior art. The stimulation is fast, and the effect is fast, and the efficiency of promoting penetration is high. HEPES has been added to various cosmetics such as Garnier Blemish Essence and Armani Light Key Toner. This may be one of the reasons why such skin care products are effective.

HEPES can soften skin keratin and promote cell renewal

HEPES, a weak acid system, is similar to macromolecular fruit acid, which has the effect of softening cutin and promoting cell metabolism. It is widely used in whitening and lightening (Vichy Magic Water, L'Oreal Rejuvenating Centella Micro Essence) and anti-aging skin care products (Lancome Black Bottle, YSL Night Queen Essence). It interacts with other ingredients and can be gently removed Old keratinocytes effectively promote the renewal of basal cells to achieve smooth, soft skin and brighten skin tone.

HEPES has the effect of synergistic sun protection and strengthening the skin barrier

The Xiuli Ke revitalizing and repairing essence, which is popular with sensitive skin, and Ke Yan's night renewing cream, because of the addition of HEPES, play a full role in improving rough skin texture and relieving large pores.

The above is the role of HEPES organized by Desheng editor in some big-name cosmetics. However, HEPES, an indispensable ingredient in cosmetics, has so many functions, no wonder it is loved by the market. HEPES is used in many water-based, emulsion, and cleansing products. They are all used in cosmetics. Once again, it is not more than a list. Desheng is a professional manufacturer of HEPES reagents. It has long-term cooperation with many large cosmetics companies. If you need it, please inquire and order!