Tips shared by carbomer 940 manufacturers

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Carbomer 940 is a polyacrylic acid polymer material with excellent thickening properties, gel properties and suspension properties. It has very successful applications in daily chemical products and pharmaceutical auxiliary materials. Carbomer raw materials produced by different manufacturers have certain differences. Here are some tips for using them.

1. Add Carbomer 940 to improve the suspension performance of the system

Carbomer 940 can be used to thicken surfactant systems and has very good suspension properties. Some small balls added in shampoo or shower gel are easy to sink to the bottom or float up if they are not suspended well. If the viscosity of the system is increased, there will not be a good improvement effect, but the sinking or suspending speed is reduced. Viscosity has nothing to do with the product's ability to suspend objects such as beads or balls. After adding carbomer, the beads or small particles can be suspended very effectively.

Carbomer 940 Gel

2. Use carbomer to stabilize gel performance

Carbomer 940 only requires a very low dosage to make a large amount of gel. The standard surface area active agent thickener in many products, when mixed with different fragrances and essential oils, will enter the micelle structure of the thickener to form a gel and interfere with the structure, which has a significant effect on the stability of the surfactant system. influences. The gel structure formed by Carbomer 940 has better resistance to this and will not affect it.

3. Carbomer 940 is acidic and needs to be neutralized for complete thickening

Carbomer 940 molecule contains a large amount of carboxyl -COOH, which is acidic when dissolved in water, and the solution will not completely thicken before neutralization. There are many kinds of neutralizing ingredients of carbomer gel. The commonly used ones are TEA triethanolamine, tetrasodium EDTA, chondroitin sulfate A, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc. The use ratio of different neutralizers is different. Carbomer 940 is anionic, so it may encounter compatibility issues with any cationic materials. Sodium salt (sodium hydroxide) may have a negative effect on gel viscosity and transparency. To minimize these negative effects, neutralize the carbomer gel before adding other phases or ingredients.

There are still many manufacturers of Carbomer 940. It is recommended to use manufacturers such as Lubrizol or Desheng to choose the ones with good quality and stable supply. Compared with some agent manufacturers, they have more high-quality products and supporting services.