What are the common problems of accelerators and their causes?

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I believe that blood tests are indispensable when you go to the hospital for a physical examination, because many causes can be detected by blood. Serum is one of the main specimens tested in clinical biochemical and immunological tests. At present, the methods of obtaining serum samples in medical institutions are mainly obtained by centrifugation after collecting venous blood after the blood is completely coagulated. Under normal circumstances, it takes more than 60 minutes for an isolated blood sample to completely coagulate, or even not coagulate, which is difficult to meet the needs of rapid laboratory testing. The coagulant provides favorable conditions for shortening the coagulation process and quickly separating serum samples.

As a professional manufacturer of blood collection tube additives, Desheng Technology has 15 years of R&D and production experience, and has formed independent intellectual property rights and professional production research and development capabilities in blood collection tube additives. Provide products and raw material solutions for more than 100 domestic and foreign manufacturers. Below is a brief summary of the common problems of coagulants based on the experience of the R&D technical department and what are the factors that cause these problems?

common problem:

1. The problem of caking

Causes: Centrifugation before blood is completely coagulated

2. Hemolysis

Causes: (1) Excessive vacuum extraction causes the blood flow rate to be too fast, and the blood cells are impacted and broken

(2) The yellow tape was too tight during blood collection, which caused the blood cells to be broken by force

(3) The needle of the operator was not close to the tube wall of the blood collection tube during blood collection, causing blood cells to hit the blood collection tube to break

(4) The wall of blood collection tube is not smooth enough

3. The problem of climbing walls

Causes (1) The effect of accelerator is not good

(2) The performance of the separating glue is not good

(3) The inner wall of the glass test tube is not smooth enough

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