What are the storage methods of enzyme preparations?

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Different environmental factors have a certain impact on enzyme preparations during storage. At the same time, the use of professional storage methods is mainly to ensure the stability and effectiveness of enzyme preparations. Therefore, it must be stored according to different types of enzymes. The characteristics of the preparations are preserved by professional preservation methods. Below, the editor of Desheng introduces several types of effective preservation methods for enzyme preparations.

1. Cryopreservation

Enzyme preparations are greatly affected by temperature during storage. Excessive temperature or excessive temperature difference will cause enzyme preparations to inactivate, while low-temperature storage can maintain good activity, and its performance can also be maintained at a certain level. Relatively stable during the period. In addition, the purity of this type of preparation is greatly affected by its own form. Under normal circumstances, liquid enzyme preparations are not easy to store. Therefore, the common method is to store them in an environment of 5 ℃ -15 ℃; For such preparations to be stored for a long time for more than half a year, they need to be placed at -70°C for professional sealed storage.

2. Crystal preservation

Compared with solid preparations, liquid enzyme preparations have relatively low stability. Therefore, if the enzyme preparations need to be stored for a long time, they can also be professionally processed to become crystalline products for storage. Preparations in this state are undergoing It only needs to be dried during storage. It should be noted that when the enzyme preparation is crystallized and stored, the water content must be set reasonably, so that the production of microorganisms can be effectively inhibited during storage, and it can also maintain good activity.

3. Add protective agent for preservation

Protective agents can make the stability of different types of enzyme preparations more superior without causing certain damage to the activity of the preparations. Therefore, a reasonable protective agent can be added to the enzyme preparations to enable it to be stored for a long time in a polar environment. .

Scientific and reasonable preservation methods can make enzyme preparations more convenient in the later application, and at the same time can provide certain experimental reference data for the transformation of enzyme preparation products. When we preserve the enzyme preparations, we must set up a professional preservation environment according to the relevant characteristics of different preparations, so that the preparations can achieve a good preservation environment and facilitate later use.

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