Application of glucose oxidase in the pharmaceutical industry

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Glucose Oxidase (EC1.1.3.4, GOD for short) can specifically catalyze β D-glucose to produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide in the presence of oxygen. It is widely distributed in animals, plants and microorganisms. However, due to the rapid growth and reproduction of microorganisms and the wide range of sources, microorganisms have become the main source of glucose oxidase. The main production strains in microorganisms are Aspergillus niger and Penicillium. Glucose oxidase is widely used in food, feed, medicine and other industries to remove glucose, deoxidize, and sterilize. This article mainly explains the application of glucose oxidase in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry, glucose oxidase is mainly used to detect blood glucose concentration. The glucose oxidase is usually prepared in the form of test papers and kits. GOD and horseradish peroxidase can be formulated into an enzyme kit for the determination of glucose, which is more accurate, simple and fast than Fehlin reagent. Now it is widely used abroad and is being promoted in China. There are many companies that produce this enzyme kit, but all GODs are mainly imported.

In recent years, many foreign patents have reported the development of various diabetes test papers, all of which contain GOD. Recently, someone has studied a new online dual enzyme analyzer that can be used to detect glucose and lactate, one of which is GOD. There is an analyzer for online glucose monitoring, and the enzyme used is also GOD. The activity of alkaline phospholipase can be detected by coupling GOD with p-hydroxyphenyl phosphate and electrode oxidation system. The FIA system containing GOD, alcohol oxidase, pyranose oxidase, L-amino acid oxidase and L-lactate dehydrogenase respectively can be used for online monitoring of changes in medium components during fermentation. GOD and glucoside coupling can be used for glucoside. GOD, salicylic acid hydrolase and carbon rod oxidation system can be used to determine the concentration of salicylic acid in microliter samples. At the same time, glucose oxidase can also be used to prevent the occurrence of oral diseases and dental diseases.

According to patent reports, GOD, lactate peroxidase (LPO), amyloglucosidase, glucanase, lysozyme and other enzyme preparations can remove or alleviate the formation of dental plaque, tartar and caries; it can also be used to treat wounds. A US patent reported that the stability of dental medicine containing GOD increased three times; another patent reported a preparation containing GOD, LPO and iodine-containing compounds, which can be used for oral hygiene to remove bad breath and has anti-dandruff effect . Japanese patents such as GOD, LPO and potassium thiocyanate are used in the manufacture of medicine toothpaste and the preparation of refreshing liquid. There is a toothpaste called Biotene that also contains similar ingredients. The antibacterial efficiency of dual-enzyme gum containing GOD and LPO is 6%-99% when chewing.

The application of domestic enzyme preparations is more and more extensive, so the demand for enzyme preparation raw materials is gradually increasing. Desheng is one of the manufacturers of enzyme preparations and has relatively rich experience in the development and production of enzyme preparations. It can provide α-glucosidase, glucose dehydrogenase and glucose oxidase, cholesterol oxidase, purine nucleoside phosphorylase, lactate dehydrogenase, acetyl-coenzyme A and other advantageous enzyme preparation raw materials. The main raw materials for the production of enzyme preparations Used for testing kit raw materials.