Does the Qingdao epidemic mean the second wave of epidemics is coming?

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After the news that Qingdao was diagnosed with a new crown patient came out on October 11, the hot search quickly attracted the attention of the people. As of 12 o'clock on October 12, Qingdao has investigated close contacts and 377 patients and accompanying persons in the municipal chest hospital. Among them, 9 new people have positive nucleic acid test results (including 8 municipal chest hospitals in the hospital). Patients and their accompanying staff, 1 patient’s family). The expert group determined that 4 of them were confirmed cases and 5 were asymptomatic infections. In the past two days, a total of 6 confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic infections were found in Qingdao.

"The epidemic in many European countries has rebounded, is it the second wave of the world's outbreak?", "Does the Qingdao epidemic mean the second wave of epidemics?" These topics are heatedly discussed by the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission Member and former chief scientist of epidemiology at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Zeng Guang responded to netizens’ questions in an interview with the Health Times.

Question 1: The epidemic has rebounded in many European countries, is it the second wave of epidemics in the world?

Zeng Guang: Europe is now the most typical second wave of epidemics, but for the United States, the first wave of epidemics has not yet emerged.

The main reason for the second wave of epidemics in foreign countries is that the basis of foreign prevention and control has not been firmly established, and the ability to "zero" is not available. Countries such as Europe and the United States have particularly large stocks of viruses. Once the people are relatively relaxed in their psychology, they are concerned about complying with epidemic prevention measures. The lack of willingness caused the second wave of epidemics.

Question 2: Does the Qingdao epidemic mean the second wave of epidemics is coming?

Zeng Guang: This is definitely not the second wave of epidemics in China. If the Qingdao epidemic is considered to be the case, it should be the sixth wave and seventh wave, starting from Suifenhe to Shulan, Beijing Xinfadi, Urumqi, Dalian and other places.

If any part is not controlled, it may lead to a new round of epidemics. However, the second wave of epidemics we are talking about is a large-scale epidemic. Compared with the previous few times, the Qingdao epidemic is small-scale. This epidemic is special. The place lies in the hospital.

Another special feature is that the outbreak happened just after our double festival, when everyone was celebrating victory and celebrating economic recovery. From the perspective of epidemic control, there is nothing special. Talking about the second wave of the epidemic at this time is a lack of confidence in oneself. If China adheres to its current prevention and control policies, there will be no second wave of epidemics.

Question 3: How should we deal with the recent new confirmed cases in Qingdao?

Zeng Guang: At present, China’s prevention and control measures are very well in place, but we must be vigilant about the occurrence of scattered cases, and we must “prevent rebound from inside and prevent import from outside”, especially for people from abroad, especially from countries where the new crown virus is prevalent. , We must strictly isolate and detect nucleic acid, and we must not relax at all.

Like this Qingdao epidemic, the carriers of the new crown virus hidden in the crowd are like fire. Any case may cause the rapid spread of the number of infections. In the case of economic recovery and tourism recovery, it is necessary to be more vigilant and contain the pathogen. spread.

After the outbreak of the Qingdao epidemic, the people of the city carried out nucleic acid tests overnight, and timely followed up close contacts for strict isolation. This shows that the epidemic prevention and control has become normalized, and it also reflects the importance of nucleic acid testing. Desheng is a manufacturer of body shape diagnostic reagent materials. At the beginning of the epidemic, through the company's efforts, it successfully developed a virus transport medium that is the core material for nucleic acid detection, which can provide inactivated and non-inactivated types. I hope to do my part in this special period of the epidemic to help prevent and control the epidemic.